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Contained within these pages are those few things that excite me, that keeps me going. This page is about me. Who am I? My name is Mark-Nathaniel Weisman, and I am a third-generation, American-born and raised Irish-German-Norseman. Below, feel free to check out the different parts of this site, and see what I'm all about, or scroll down to check out the highlighted topics.

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Alaska Cyber Security Outlaw

I currently work in the area of transitioning physical security needs to the virtual world of modern computers. With a substantial background in digital electronics, computerized technology, and physical security needs, I bring a wealth of knowledge to my current position. I have a substantial experience resume in all the above fields, so feel free to check them out on my "Professional Page".

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Maintaining the Mental Health

Working on putting up the stuff necessary to assist others in getting their mental health back on the right track. I have worked as a civilian Chaplain for almost 20 years now, so I've had the opportunity to work with a multitude of folks with a plethora of psychological issues:

  • Survivors Syndrome
  • Social Anxiety Disorders
  • Depression / BiPolar Depression
  • Panic Disorders
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Combat Fatigue)
  • Marriage / Relationship Counseling
  • Child Rearing/Raising
  • Performance Encouragement

... as well as working as a non-denominational Chaplain providing comfort for many individuals.

  • Prison / Incarcerated Individuals
  • Hospice / Hospital visits
  • End of Life counseling

Healthy Journey Forward

Throughout my life, I too, have struggled with keeping my weight within limits. I've had several journeys towards a healthy lifestyle, and I'm currently attempting to get back there again. Here I'll share tricks that I used to help me lose weight without jeopardizing those things that I really love to eat and drink. 

Ice Hockey Goal Tending

Here I display all the keepers for my learning to play, and playing ice hockey here in Anchorage. It is here that I also explore the mental health care necessary to continue minding the net.


Be sure to take a look at my colleague's site as well. In a nationwide attempt to help mental health issues facing athletes (particularly goaltenders).


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