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Here's what's happened last month

As you know, things around here are really starting to pick up. Our associated blog post for the podcast "How-To Survive..." was published with the United States Press Association. In addition, December marked the first "on-air" interviews with one of them with the Chief Medical Officer of the State of Alaska, so, that was exciting. Again, we are pushing our podcasts which are now distributed through many different channels. We hope to report even more exciting news from the Alaskan Outlaw by the end of the year. Stay tuned.
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Mitigating Unnecessary Risks

Podcast Episode 112520 By: Alaskan Outlaw -  November 25th, 2020 It’s 28 below zero outside your front door, and the postman has just delivered that package you have been waiting weeks for. He deposited said package in your mailbox. There are seventy-five feet between your front door and the mailbox with three wooden steps to get off your front porch. …

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How-To Survive. A guide to getting the whole family involved.

In almost all the episodes of “Doomsday Prepper” that was aired back in its day, all of them included the whole family when preparing for whatever they concluded was coming. This was not a design of the producers, as one of the critical elements to any level of survival, is that all members of the team are moving in the same direction. They are working harmoniously to create a defined path forward. In some cases their exists a tension between spouses when one doesn’t support the level of preparedness the other deems necessary, however, as you all know, being part of a family means that sometimes we have to compromise a little when establishing our level of prep. I

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Bare Naked Necessary Skills. What must be maintained?

I hope to provide some insight into the world of the prepper subculture, and offer ideas and suggestions to help prepare you, and your families, for whatever happens. With the results of our national election still being tallied, and/or lawsuits being filed and dismissed, now is certainly a good time to be prepared for the upcoming aftermath. But, what if (my favorite thought process), the outcome causes the implosion of the experiment we call democracy? What if, this event causes the absolute worst-case scenario? Are you ready? For how long?

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Loss of Technology. Going back to move forward.

As many of you know, I'm pretty involved in surviving and getting my family and I to the other side of whatever Mother Earth may throw at us. With a constant knowledge that any minute of any day, some lost soul in some far-away place could depress the button to send us all back to the ice ages, I work tirelessly sometimes to think of all the "what ifs?"

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