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Welcome to the Alaskan Outlaw Productions site and associated media. We here at Alaskan Outlaw are a collection of individuals with a diverse skill set with the aim of educating our listeners/viewers and readers in those distinct skills. We encourage individual research by all our awesome followers and are driven by our own ethos that sets us apart.

Read our Ethos Here

If you are interested in advertising with us, we will require that, while you may not agree with all our ethics, you and your advertising abides by them. The Alaskan Outlaw reserves the right to deny, or cancel, advertising based on the content not meeting our Ethos.

We have a plethora of broadcast channels producing content in our three (3) major areas of information available. Our message is broadcast in several formats.

The first being Youtube videos published on our Aged Alaskan Goalie channel, and during the regular seasons, there is a video every week. This features a full-length (approx 60 minutes) video displaying an entire adult hockey pond-hockey session, typically targeted for the players in that league (however, pointers may be added by the Aged AK Goalie).

Next, we have our podcasts. We have a distinct channel for our podcasts. This is Spreaker.com (which shares on Apple, iHeartRadio, Amazon, Google, and Spotify, to list a few). These are audio podcasts. 

Finally, we have the written word. Our Blog. Our Free AKOutlaw blog is published every week and contains a multitude of subjects including the scripts of the AKOutlaw podcast, in addition, we have periodic posts of health&fitness-related topics by AgedAKGoalie.

All our social media publications focus on what we refer to as "our big three" listed below: 

  1. Mental health, typically based around elite performance (primarily blog, but may appear in podcasts as well)
  2. Health & Fitness, discussing weight loss and general healthy lifestyle. (primarily podcast, but will come up in blog, and video too).
  3. Health, Safety & Security which is the primary topic of the Alaskan Outlaw podcast. 

Advertising Demographics

  • Location/Region - Anchorage, Alaska = 84%, United States "Lower 48" = 15%
  • Age Group(s) - 18 - 50+
  • Gender - Male 41% / Female 59%
  • Average Income - $82,000 (USD)

While our videos cater to the Adult Hockey players due to the recording and publishing of weekly pickup games, we do see a large collection of people outside these folks watching our published videos as well. Our Podcasts seem to have a larger following of individuals outside the hockey community. Our Blog is more geared toward either: A) survivalists, preppers, and individuals interested in health & safety, and B) Individuals (inside and out of the hockey community) interested in becoming more healthy and/or getting more physically fit.


Total Website Visits: 22389

Advertising Rates


AKOutlaw narrated commercial, 20 seconds per podcast................................. $59.99 (USD)

Pre-recorded commercial (provided by customer), 20 seconds per podcast... $49.99 (USD)



AKOutlaw created advertisement, appears on a single blog post (in-line with text)... $54.99 (USD)

Customer created advertisement, appears on a single blog post (In-line with text)... $48.75 (USD)



AKOutlaw created commercial, 15 seconds per published show......................... $649.10 (USD)

Customer provided commercial, 15 seconds per published show....................... $149.99 (USD)


Show Sponsorship

Alaskan Outlaw Podcast .................................................$325/yr.

x2 15 second advertisements per podcast (customer provided)

Advertisement within the associated blog post (customer provided)

Additional advertisement on site pages

Aged Alaskan Goalie ................................................. $750/yr.

x2 15 second advertisements per published show (customer provided)

Additional advertisement on site pages


Annual AKOutlaw Site Sponsorship

Annual Site Sponsorships

  • x2 Ads per every page on website with click-through link
  • 15 second ad in each podcast released throughout calendar year
  • Ad in each monthly published newsletter

...........................................................$765/yr (USD)

All advertisers are inserted into the Alaskan Outlaw newsletter that is published monthly

Potential Release Schedule

  • Alaskan Outlaw podcasts and associated blog posts are published on a weekly schedule
  • Alaskan Outlaw produces a monthly recap of all shows and associated blog posts for the previous month.
  • Aged Alaskan Goalie publishes blog posts periodically (up to five per week)
  • Aged Alaskan Goalie published a weekly YouTube video (CURRENTLY SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID-19)

Aged Alaskan Goalie & Alaskan Outlaw Productions retains the rights to display the logo of any paid advertisers through the agreed-upon contract period. This includes displaying the logo and/or ad throughout the Akoutlaw website, and all social media channels subscribed to. Alaskan Outlaw productions also retain the right to deny the use of certain images within all the advertising.

Alaskan Outlaw, Alaskan Outlaw podcasts, What Now News and AgedAKGoalie are registered trademarks of the Alaska Outlaw Productions. 2020

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