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The Alaskan Outlaw Productions LLC is our online portfolio and centralized location for all our media sources. Originally formed as a videography project filming local adult pickup hockey games here in Anchorage, Alaska, we created the Aged Alaskan Goalie. As time went on the video productions became more elaborate and complex leading us to the filming of many youth sports activities for groups throughout town.

Our Founder, Mr. Murphy Ganz had a need to teach people about health and safety wherever I went, so the next project was born. he began writing, directing, hosting, editing, producing, and publishing an online podcast ("Chaotic Navigation"). The weekly show spoke about preparing for disasters, getting and staying safe, and many other relevant topics for today’s citizens in these uncertain times. On March 26th, 2008 at 8:54 pm (Alaska Time), the Alaskan Outlaw website was stood up and began the process of broadcasting our message. Over the last five years, he continued to expand and developed a talent for amateur photography. Most of the images located throughout this site were taken by Mr. Ganz. As a former EMT, a US Marine, and a 20+ year veteran of the security industry, he brought a wealth of knowledge to the topics he wrote and talked about.

He wrote all the shows, researches the topics, then brought them to life with the weekly, broadly distributed podcast. With simplicity and comfort, he interlaced his psychology studies, mixed with a dash of ministry, to provide the listeners and readers the confidence to keep them safe and healthy. He helped the listeners to create safety plans, and disaster cheat sheets, to help encourage their confidence in themselves to better assist their families and communities.

The idea behind the multimedia platform of Alaskan Outlaw was to present a central location where common people could learn about being prepared to survive. We wanted a place where people without a military or law enforcement background could come and learn in an environment of equality, and without judgment. Regardless of whether the catastrophe is natural, or man-made, we want all Americans to be self-sufficient in both: keeping themselves and family safe and healthy, as well as assisting their communities in getting the help it needs.

  1. Chaotic Navigation Podcast - provides weekly health & safety information to its listeners. As well as providing some security knowledge.
  2. Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar Podcast - provides messages of hope and traditional teachings for peace and coexistence. It is also the location of Dr. Mark Weisman's theological research that includes theology, paleogeology, and anthropology. Feel free to read about it under Spiritual Teachings
  3. Alaskan Outlaw Productions - is a multimedia development group that constructs videos and audio presentations for web deployments. Providing image development as well.

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Alaska Outlaw Productions
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