Aged AK Goalie Request

The Aged Alaskan Goalie represents a lifestyle of motion. He encourages others to get out and live life. Making choices that benefit the self, primarily, I focus my help in three (3) major areas:

  • Performance
  • Blockage
  • General

Performance Counseling

Assisting athletes overcome performance issues by helping to find some techniques and methods to accomplish the objective. In addition, we collaborate with effective psychologists who can continue the necessary work to assist the athlete to accomplish their next evolution. 

Blockage Counseling

Sometimes we all "hit that wall", where our minds work against us in moving forward. We can help identify strategies and methods to get around these temporary "blockages". By applying some basic strategies, and maintaining our diligence in following up, we can knock down these walls and get athletes, as well as the rest of us, through these blockages.

General Counseling

Maintaining positive mental health is critically important to a healthy lifestyle, and general happiness. We can "lend an ear" for members of our community, as well as helping individuals become more successful by infusing our zest for life. Spend some time with the Aged Alaskan Goalie and you'll agree, it was time well spent.

Take a few minutes, and meet with the Aged Alaskan Goalie. We can talk about what concerns you have and possibly start putting some strategies in place to get you to that next level of personal success.

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