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As a Chaplain

Receiving his ordination in the winter of 2001, Mark has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of individuals either: in person, or via the internet, in helping them deal with their concerns and get back on the "right track". He has spent a substantial amount of his counseling working with his brothers/sisters returning from combat assignments helping them become successful back in civilian life. While Mark never served in combat as a US Marine, he did spend an amount of time as a private security contractor working in those areas. His specialty is finding a way forward, working with individuals to identify the next steps. As a graduate of Wayland Baptist University, Mark has defined his own theology and worked to help others see their way forward. He has spent an inordinate amount of time working with individuals throughout the country (and beyond), helping them to resolve their psychological issues. Under the umbrella of an elder Chaplain, he has worked with a multitude of individuals seeking to better themselves in many different ways. As a Chaplain, Mark has worked with many people regardless of religious beliefs, however, he focuses on three major areas:

"definitely NOT your average counselor"

Working with many different types of people across every organized religion (and even some not) across the globe either in-person or using the Internet, I've worked with many different types of mental health issues. I constantly work at establishing a "path through the darkness" by identifying "next steps", then helping individuals put one foot in front of the other. Teaching families to discuss and write down their plans to move past the issue.


 What are they Saying

"...after my husband came back, he had changed to the point where we struggled. Mark came along-side and gave us tools that even our four-year-old understood, and helped us put it back together. Today we are happy, healthy, and living our lives..."

- Stephanie, Kyle, and Jaden

"... when I returned to American soil, nothing seemed to make sense anymore. I felt abandoned, alone. Even among my own family, I was the outcast, their pettiness no longer mattered, and I found myself isolated from everyone. I met Mark through a buddy, and we worked together for a while over the Internet, then, met in person. He is real and is definitely the real deal. He helped me understand the difference between where I had come to and helped me identify the triggers so that I was able to get my family back. I am now living the dream..."

- Eddie

"My nightmares had become so vivid and real I was becoming violent at night, and had accidentally hurt those I loved. Through a recommendation of the "Vet Court", I met with Mark and started to work with him. Within days, I felt the connection with him and he found ways for me to begin to isolate the triggers and build steps to constructively knock down the nightmares and restored my connection with my loved ones. I cannot begin to thank Mark enough for giving me my life back. Thank you so much."

- Mike

Personal Counseling

Marriage / Relationship Counseling. Both, before and during relationships, I've worked with individuals helping them to understand the delicate art of compromise and collaboration.

Panic / Anxiety Counseling. Working with individuals to identify triggers, and settling techniques, for them to deploy in case of an "attack".

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Working to identify "triggers" and work in constructing coping mechanisms.

Survivor's Guilt Syndrome. Ranging from combat units to tragic group trauma. By identifying forward plans and assisting individuals to establish those plans to succeed to honor those who aren't as fortunate.

Depression, and other emotional challenges.

Religious Services

Religious Confusion - with divine guidance we can work together to find out what “feels right” with regards to your beliefs and assist you in establishing a communication path with your deity.

Understanding His word - many of us modern-day people lose the way with the many distractions of life. As a Chaplain, I can help reestablish your connection to God.

Ceremony management - whatever religious ceremony you may need, I may be able to help:

  • Weddings
  • Blessings
  • Baptisms
  • Funerals

Performance Conseling

Slumps - Slumps can be caused by several different factors. We can work together to figure that out and get a resolution to this underlying factor, and move to success.

Focus - Working on tactics to allow the athlete to focus on the tasks at hand. Regardless of age, we can build successful tactics to bring success.

Stepping up - Stepping up allows the athlete to move their game to the next level. We can work together to establish practices to help the focus and remove the psychological barriers that may exist.

Helicopter Block - Working with parents to understand the game, and their child's performance barriers that they can assist with, in addition to helping them understand where they don't need to assist with.

For More information about how I can help you, please feel free to visit our Chaplain request forms, and we can discuss your mentail health concerns.

[Chaplain Assistance Forms]

"Lift the Mask"

Mark has recently begun to work with another group that brings awareness to mental health issues, particularly in hockey and goaltenders specifically. This program assists folks in getting the assistance they need to become, or remain, successful in their position, whether they be a "goalie" or not. The program encourages connectivity with the local ADAA-listed professional mental health professional.

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