Alaskan Outlaw Ethos

The Alaskan Outlaw Productions LLC is not a political promotion platform. It is an informational guide for individuals who desire to become prepared to survive the environmental, and/or human-induced, risks to the health and safety of the average citizen, and their communities. Our desire is to ensure that our listeners have the knowledge necessary to survive whatever happens in the future.

We believe that the color of one’s skin has no bearing on the content of one's character, nor their potential trajectory towards that individual’s success. We believe fully that there are citizens within our borders who want a perceived superiority over others, yet fail to understand that, superiority can only be accomplished by measuring the benefit of their contribution to their communities and to humankind as-a-whole. We believe that there is a huge difference between race and culture, and therefore while there is a huge benefit of blending international cultures, there should have never been, nor will there ever be a reason to segregate humans based on race. We fully understand that the only race on the planet is, the human race.

We stand firm taking our guiding principles from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I Have a Dream” speech delivered on August 28th, 1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C. We are not black, yellow, red, or white, we are human. We fully believe that no one “should be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”. We find the use of skin color to identify someone to be a foothold of the slippery slope to racism and disagree with it completely.

We also believe that ALL men are created equal and that men and women have different strengths and weaknesses that can form a harmonious benefit to their society. We fully believe that the absolute center of our nation’s woes stems from the division of the family unit. We believe that our nation’s most catastrophic loss is of our innocence. We recognize that there are those within our society who maintain a level of innocence and we respect their right to do that. We stand soundly against the exploitation of children and condemn those who would hurt a child to the deepest part of the venomous river of Niflhel and would happily provide the escort. We recognize the difference between a man and woman and condemn those men who would hurt anyone physically weaker than themselves to another level of Narstrand.

Using decades of intelligence gathering techniques to interface with subject matter experts, and exhaustively research our topics, we offer ideas and thoughts about remaining safe and healthy during the modern-day maelstrom, as well as keeping your family and communities secure while assisting in the expedited recovery process. While we may lean more toward the conservative right, we are always open to new ideologies and thought processes, while constantly remaining vigilant to the Constitution of the United States.

The host, may deviate from time to time on the political stance and opinion on his “Outlaw Thoughts”, however, he will not stray from our overall ethos, after all, he is the "Beacon in the storm".

While we do offer some of the basic understanding and training of warfare weaponry, we do not promote, nor tolerate, hate in any form. We recognize there is evil and violence in the world, and while we do not promote violence in any form, we do provide some basic tactics to keep ourselves, and those whom we care for, safe. Primarily we are interested in assisting our listeners in becoming (and staying) safe and healthy by being prepared for the many different types of dangers that lay ahead.

We fully support the members of the local law enforcement community and clearly understand that policing a community is a societal effort and we must also play a part in that community. While we support those officers who respect their community’s citizens and the law, we join the world in our disdain for those who seek the power, to enact their unconscionable acts, then, hiding behind a badge to avoid accountability. We believe that the lack of punishment by an overburdened justice system has created tolerated lawlessness which must be reclaimed by those communities and that these criminals need to be held accountable for their actions.

We support the challenging of societal laws by litigation and discussions to potentially create change, and not by violent retaliation, which has led to the violation of other’s right to seek the “American Dream” by damaging private and public property. We believe that other’s rights are just important as our own and that expressing my displeasure in society's interpretation of the laws, should not violate another’s right to safety and happiness. That our expression of our right to redress our grievances should not trample other’s rights to feel safe and secure. We believe that opportunistic criminals have incited riots to steal what they want, and also believe that they too should be held accountable.

We believe that most politicians have lost touch with their constituents, and are now more focused on a career, rather than furthering their communities, and thereby allowing the laws of the land to be dictated by the highest bidder. We believe that the most powerful voice for change is the right for ALL Americans is to vote. Vote in your local, and national, elections. True change is found at the voter’s box, be sure to have your voice counted.

Finally, we believe that as a society we have lost our way to communicate with the natural world around us. We believe that many have sought to quell the voices of the spirits with modern vices and actions, and that has led to repeated tragedy throughout the world. In addition, the loss of respect toward "mother earth" by those who would exploit her for their own greed, has left an indelible mark on the earth. We dance and sing in hopes of restoring our connection to the natural world, thereby assisting our homes here in harmony with Mother Earth.

We are simple men and women who want the world to understand that humankind has enough threats to focus our energies on that we don't need to be so focused on these trivial little things, like sex, race, religion, or creed. That we all need to come together to support the earth, and each other.