Alaskan Outlaw Ethos

The Alaskan Outlaw is not a politically affiliated promotion platform. It is an informational guide for individuals to become prepared to survive the environmental, and/or human induced, risks to the health and safety of the average citizen, and their communities.

While using decades of intelligence gathering techniques to interface with subject matter experts, and exhaustively researching our topics, we offer ideas and thoughts about remaining safe and healthy during the modern-day maelstrom, as well as keeping your family and communities secure. While we may lean more toward the conservative right, we are always open to new ideologies and thought processes, while constantly remaining vigilant to the Constitution of the United States.

The host, may deviate on “his” political stance and opinion from time to time on his “Outlaw Thoughts”, however, he will not stray from our overall ethos, after all, he is the outlaw.

While we do offer some of the basic principles of warfare weaponry, we do not promote, nor tolerate, hate in any form. We recognize there is evil and violence in the world, and while we do not promote violence in any form, we do provide some basic tactics to keep oneself, and those whom we care for, safe. Primarily we are interested in assisting our listeners in becoming (and staying) safe and healthy by being prepared for the many different types of dangers that lay ahead.

We fully support the members of the local law enforcement community and clearly understand that policing a community is a societal effort and we must also play a part in our communities. While we support those officers who respect their community’s citizens and the law, we join the world in our distain for those who seek the power, to enact their unconscionable acts, then, hiding behind a badge. We believe that the lack of punishment by an overburdened justice system has created tolerated lawlessness which must be reclaimed by those communities, and that criminals need to be held accountable for their actions.

We support the challenging of societal laws by litigation and discussions to potentially create change, and not by violent retaliation, which has led to the violation of other’s right to seek the “American Dream” by damaging private and public property. We believe that other’s rights are just important as our own, and that expressing my displeasure in the societies interpretation of the laws, should not violate other’s rights. That our expression of our right to redress our grievances should not trample other’s rights to feel safe and secure.

We stand firm taking our guiding principles from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a Dream” speech delivered on August 28th, 1963 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.. We are not black, yellow, red, or white, we are human. We fully believe that no one “should be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character”.

We also believe that ALL men are created equal, and that men and women have different strengths and weakness that can form a harmonious benefit to their society. We fully believe that the absolute center of our nation’s woes stem from the division of the family unit. We believe that our nation’s most catastrophic loss is of our innocence. We recognize that there are those within our society who maintain a level of innocence and we respect their right to do that. We stand soundly against the exploitation of children, and condemn those who would hurt a child to the deepest bowels of hell. We recognize the difference between a man and a women, and condemn those men who would hurt anyone physically weaker than themselves to another level of hell.

We believe that most politicians have lost touch with their constituents, and are now more focused on a career, rather than furthering their communities, and thereby allowing the laws of the land to be dictated by the highest bidder. We believe that the most powerful voice for change is the right for ALL Americans is to vote. Vote in your local, and national, elections. True change is found at the voter’s box, be sure to have your voice counted.

Finally, we believe that the loss of appreciation for God within our societies has caused irreparable damage to our society as a whole. The loss of the “Golden Rule” as a people has condemned us to a journey fraught with peril and struggle.

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