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Our Multi-media portfolio includes three (3) distinct media types. If you are interested in any of the below, feel free to contact us here at Alaska Outlaw

  • Audio Engineering and Production (Podcasts ( & Radio production)
  • Video Engineering and Production (VLOGs (YouTube))
  • Visual Imagery (Photography, digital image manipulation)


What is the Alaskan Outlaw podcast? The podcast is a way to provide others with decades of experience in health & safety, to include personal security. I hope to relay information to my listeners to assist them in making informed decisions. In addition, I have a wealth of knowledge in psychology and the gathering of human intelligence from my studies within the U.S. Marine Corps. I have since studied psychology as an adult educator and hope to bring an understanding of what makes people do the things they do. Constantly asking. Why? Why do people do the things they do, and how can we keep ourselves and our families safe by knowing how our communities will react to certain events.

Online Podcast Media

Alaska Outlaw Podcast

Season One

Season Two

Alaskan Outlaw Weekly

The Alaskan Outlaw productions proudly present our weekly show. Ranging from 30 to 45 minutes in length, the show, published every Wednesday drills down on specific health, safety, or security topics. Written and produced here at Alaskan Outlaw Productions, the show offers thoughts outside the mainstream or social media circuses. Using "out-of-the-box" thinking to develop plans or solutions to help the common American stay safe and healthy during these unprecedented times here in the United States.


Alaska Outlaw Forn Sidr Weekly

The Alaska Outlaw Forn Sidr is a weekly message of hope, peace, and coexistence with our fellow man. Taken from the long-held traditional understandings of our ancestors who forged a rich and beautiful culture in NorthEastern Europe. The individual shows provide a Question and Answer format that includes the ancestral teachings as well during the answer period. The shows are very short, lasting only a matter of minutes. They are designed to provide hope, and guidance for any who seek the sacred knowledge in dealing with this modern-day, hurry-up world we live in.



Our Online Videography Project

Aged AK Goalie (Videography project) - Currently suspended due to COVID-19

Aged AK Goalie was initially created to provide some details to my medical professionals about the flexibility of my back when I returned to the ice after a long time away following a back injury. The project was created to demonstrate the forces affecting my back during a standard hockey game as an adult league ice hockey goaltender. The project soon took hold with the many individuals with whom I played the weekly "pickup" games. As the productions expanded from the original camera in the back of my net, to a four-camera production the showcased the skills and talents of the many individuals who played the game with me. From those humble beginnings, we expanded to include off-ice recordings helping new parents, and goaltenders alike prepare to play the game.

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