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Greetings brothers and sisters, fellow patriots, neighbors, and Americans wherever you are. As always I hope this podcast finds you as well as can be expected in this time of chaos and misinformation, I hope the pandemic and political unrest hasn’t derailed you in remaining strong. Not sure where you call home, but here in Alaska the case count for positive COVID cases continues to set new infection records, and still the “deniers” still maintain their vigilance on the whole conspiracy theory. As the whole world (including the sworn enemies of our government) are all in on this worldwide joke. No wonder we have democrats. As you can imagine, I have been doing a lot of research, particularly about the awesome topics, and points of discussion y’all provide via my inbox. I can only begin to express my deepest appreciation for all this information and these discussions.

One of the major topics that many of you have provided has been the comparisons between the current events and those events described in the Christian Holy Bible, and coincidentally, the Muslim Quran. With one of these two discussions around the book of Revelations of the Bible, and both making comparisons of the book of Genesis. In both cases, there are many applicable points that one could safely draw the conclusions to a limited timeline left for the human race, and certainly this rock we call home. Honestly, I hold out hope that the human race can embrace each other and make the world a better place. We can evolve to a higher life form and stifle the pettiness amongst ourselves. Most of the major religions all recognize and call out the story of Sodom and Gomorrah described in the book of Genesis in all the major doctrines. In the text, these cities were enveloped in sin and corruption and scenes contained therein describe many of the same scenarios facing our global judicial systems today with all the same implications of those ancient cities. So, it’s easy to connect that story to the current landscapes across the world. Speaking of a global influence, a relatively new seed has been implanted in the minds of the new generations, thereby consenting to a belief system unlike any before it in human history. This of course, is the internet. Contained within this global beast, is a demon we’ve referred to as the “social media”, and most of their subscribers have no idea what the real power of this demon is, nor its international impact. The influence, the coercion, the daily, intimate, impact it has on most humans alive today.

In typical Alaskan Outlaw fashion and returning fire to these media giants, I’d like to introduce and discuss a recent movement that I’ve been introduced to that I think could have positive impacts on all our lives and the world in general, I’d like to talk about the Netflix documentary, “The Social Dilemma”.

The Social Dilemma Movement

My desire today is to introduce you to, and discuss the philosophy behind this movement, for both yourselves, and your family and friends. While you read/hear me tell you that you are being played, enticed into thinking, or feeling a different way than you would have normally, ultimately all streams of advertising follows a similar path. Manipulated with the psychological wizardry that has been programmed into every part of the social media feeds. What’s more frightening is that the potential to decide what you are going to look at next is (in some way) influenced by something or someone else in a purposeful manner.  They then focus on advertisements and “misinformation” snippets during casual browsing of your feed, which then further supports their desired narrative in many cases, encouraging individuals to trust their narrative as the authoritative truth. This fact alone has caused way more problems than just feeling bad about one’s self, more about this in a few minutes, it has pitted neighbor against neighbor, across the globe, forcing a conflict between people who may have never met in real life.  I’m reminded of the lyrics to 1984 hit by Depeche Mode telling us that “People are people” when they said:

“It’s obvious you hate me, though I’ve done nothing wrong,
I’ve never even met you, so what could I have done?”

Between the big search engines and shopping applications working together in an effort to display things of a real (or perceived) need, the addition of social media to affect real life change should be absolutely terrifying. As some of you may remember, I spoke many years ago, during my post graduate studies in human psychology about the similar programmable  behaviors between a computer, and the human mind, and this idea is now being employed in much more than theory, slowly forcing the alignment of the population to the mindless drones or “zombies” is becoming reality. Average citizens are being agitated to the point of real world expression, including violence, by the levers and knobs of companies like Facebook, Twitter, Google and others, all the while raking in billions of dollars per year. They are convincing the average basement-living, COD playing ANTIFA idiots that they have a chance in hell of surviving a conflict with men and women who really do war. That they can surface from their mom’s basement, and after their mommy packs their scooby-doo lunchbox, that they will have any level of superiority against real-world warriors. They have been duped into believing that their ideology is right, above all others. What should concern you and I is their incapacity to understand other positions, or other beliefs contrary to their own, they have been polarized against the remainder of society, and laser focused on being too busy being right.

Several podcasts ago, I spoke about the traps within social media, and hopefully offered some real-world opportunities to investigate this yourself. The power of social media as a replacement ideology of the body dysmorphia syndrome and body shaming of the earlier generational magazines platforms, should be a number one concern of every parent in America. In the same way that these earlier (and some still do) methods of body shaming to a point of finality has been replaced by the high-speed world of social media. The terrifying side to these affects on real life people is absolutely immoral. Before I found the movement “the Social Dilemma” I was convinced that the puppet masters behind this new platform were in this to gain profit, regardless of the cost. Terms like “cyber-bullying” and “social engineering” have all spawned from this fountain of greed and immorality, much the same way as Sodom and Gormorrah were described in the book of Genesis. A new, more vicious release of personalities were born behind the anonymity of the computer screen and keyboard.

Numbers don’t lie, and while statistics can be contorted to promote any narrative the publisher might want, the facts are that our children are dying, or maiming themselves like never before in bipedal human history. The facts are that there has been a 151% increase in our girls (ages 10 – 14) committing suicide over the past decade. TEN YEARS OLD FOR CHRIST SAKE!! In addition, a 70% increase in girls (ages 15 – 19) ending their lives attributed directly to their usage of social media, with suicide pacts being reported, first out of Japan, however now all around the world. Starting around the same time the big social media giants into existence, until the late twenty teens. If those numbers don’t hit you in the face, let’s look at another group of children, in addition to those numbers above, how about almost 400 girls per 100,000 people, between the ages of 10 and 14 being admitted to the hospital after performing some level of self-harm. Stop for a minute and do the math. If I were to take my town of Anchorage,  Alaska, with about 357,000 residents, multiply the numbers, I come up with about 1400 of somebody’s little girl trying to harm themselves, or worse. ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED CHILDREN!! Is it just me, or does this sound like a problem?

Images used without permission from “The Social Media” documentary.

As I sought to wrestle with the filth and sleaziness of the modern social media giants, I realized that there is good out on the internet as well. While I hope my show fits into the benefit column, I know there are plenty of other sites on the Internet that offer a benefit to their viewers, however very much like the “Ouija board” of the 1890s, some believe it’s a slippery slope to hell. Ultimately, as soon as sites embark on the journey of advertising, the first foot is placed on that slope.

So, many of you have asked for a situation report on this social media engagement, particularly with the youth of America. We are engaged in a war of misinformation, yet most are too blinded by instant gratification to see it. They have grown up in this world of personal self-worth being assigned by the technological marvel we call the Internet. Many of today’s children have aged under the tutorage of social media and the Internet, left by distracted parents. The problem is that the AI (artificial intelligence) behind these gigantic social media platforms have developed the perfect algorithm needed to fully re-program the human mind. They keep it short (attention deficit disorder people), their message is consistent (providing legitimacy by volume), and some type of instant-gratification, reward (some small token that the viewer values). This recipe has latched itself into the intimate psyche of most users throughout the world, wrecking havoc with the world’s value systems, and their understanding of reality, not to mention real social interactions. While in previous technical generations, it may have been a game of engineering in the programming of their communities, now these services can be bought by the highest bidder, as well as the ability to coerce an entire population into performing the puppet masters bidding.

Throughout my career in Information Technology, even I, have fallen victim to this addiction. With the nationwide talk about slavery, we are now confronted with a different master, and it can be just as powerful as any illegal drug. Your information, and potential future attention is traded in the futures market, except it’s not based on who or what you are, but more about what you will do. Companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter are engaged in this human futures market. Don’t misunderstand what this means, it means that our nation can be turned in on itself by these outside forces. It means that countries throughout the world can sway public American opinion, it means that the “Russian meddling with American elections” is now going to be the normal, and not so far “out there” as a believable possibility.

The movie and movement about “the social dilemma” presents the whole premise from people who were a part of its construction. Men and women who realized the power of the AI, and the full implications from what had been done. These same folks are now telling us what needs to be done to turn the ship around. They state, and I fully agree with, the judicial system has always fallen way behind in criminal prosecution because of outdated laws, and lack of judicial understanding. We need a better grasp as a planet of cyberspace and the lurking threats on it, and just as importantly, how to prosecute those who would break these laws.

What does this mean to us everyday Americans? It means that if you utilize any of the social media platforms for more than three hours per day, chances are stacked against you having any independent thoughts, and falling in line with what the puppet masters want you to believe. Ideologies are thrown around social media like confetti on New Year’s Eve. Because of the rapid pulse that these messages are delivered to the end-users, it can technically be defined as subliminal programming, which we know works. Repetitive bursts of misinformation can be solidly embedded in the human mind just as sure as long term exposure would. We learned in the early 70’s about subliminal messages on the television broadcast, which by the way, were banned. Interestingly enough, we (humans) built a platform to circumvent our own controls. In 1974 the FCC banned subliminal messaging on any media that required a license to operate (i.e., radio, television, cable stations, satellite stations, etc.) because of public mistrust in the power of that marketing platform. However as a matter-of-fact, we are now willing participants in the subliminal programming of humankind.

How can we combat this gigantic beast? The greatest way to combat this demon is to turn off social media, and spread the word to friends and family. With no market, they have no advertisers, and with no advertisers, they have no money to further their operations. In addition, we the American people need to enforce regulations on these giants, and they need to be held accountable for the deaths they encourage. Because no discouragement, is encouragement. The legal system needs to overhaul its technical law documentation, and bring the prosecution into the 20th & 21st centuries.

Where can you get more information? Where do we go from here? I would invite each of you to visit the Social Dilemma website, and get involved with their movement. As I mentioned before, there is good out here on the Internet, find that stuff. Check sources, verify with newspapers and first-hand accounts. Do your research.

As always, I thank you so much for allowing me to vent to you. Yes, we Americans are being duped into believing whatever sells clicks. We have gotten to a place where the general population is taking its cue from the Social Media AI. We are being programmed to fit into our little boxes, tolerating the segregation of race, religion, nationality, sex, and political affiliation. We really need to take a walk, unplug, and meet other real people. Remember guys, to stay safe, and protect your freedom of thought, at this rate it’s almost all we have left…. Peace.

What about some action steps to take? Let me tell you about some steps that I’ve taken in my own life. As I mentioned before, I too fell into the trap, however, here’s what I did.

  1. Turn off notifications on my phone and mobile devices.
  2. Minimize my time on the big three: Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and absolutely don’t click through discovered ads.
  3. Because of my day job, I was unable to turn off my phone all-together, but there are several times a day, that I purposely leave it somewhere else.

In the documentary the cast members attempt to go a week without their phones, and are unable to complete that task. Invite your family members to try going a week without their mobile devices. Make it a challenge for the whole family. Spend time together outside.



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