Audio Engineering

Creating the right sound for every facet of our business is critical to ensure the proper visualization is conveyed to the potential customer, or the appropriate energy is provided for the motivation necessary for a presentation to build morale. The object of sound engineering is to provide the support for a message conveyed, therefore it is critical that the sound be just right for the greatest impact. Using the digital and analog recording equipment can create gaps in the acceptable performance levels, and that's where the Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC comes in. Using decades of experience in audio engineering, our team is able to bring the best message forward and support it with the necessary sounds to give it the punch it needs to make it memorable.

Our Current Podcasts

The Chaotic Navigator is a weekly published podcast where the host discusses topics of disaster preparedness. The 45-minute "talk radio" show includes commercial breaks, an intro, and a trailer. It also includes a "pre-recorded" format that the host can utilize to time their presentations.


The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar is a weekly published podcast where a Shaman produces 30-minute weekly teaching about some topic of spirituality. Again, the show has been configured with an intro, commercial breaks, and a trailer allowing the Shaman to publish a consistent format to his listeners. All digitally produced show is distributed throughout many different channels across the internet.


The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Kvéda is a periodically published interview platform with the Alaska Úlfhé∂nar Shaman and special guest. Typically there are two versions of the interviews created:

  1. A short 10-minute intro to the interview (for public consumption).
  2. A longer 30-minutes or more interview (behind a pay-wall)

This has had a "pre-recorded" format built so that the host could easily utilize an intro, commercial breaks, and a trailer to their timelines.


Chaotic Navigator





This show is released periodically and has no set release dates.