The multiple points of focus of a natural disaster.

In this episode we discuss the many different facets of our necessary planning to ensure that we have a bonafide plan for the many potential outcomes. We will also discuss the timeline for necessary mechanisms for optimal survival regardless of the event. While I want to consider major natural disasters, we should have developed plans for many of todays possibilities. I’d like to think about the many different impacts to our lives that one event will have and what are some possible outcomes. We’ll look at three major natural disaster events, and work on our plans how to tackle the many different moving pieces.

It’s all about Placement. Keeping stores safe.

In this episode we’ll look at intelligently determining the best location, both: inside, and outside your primary residence for storing those supplies necessary to survive natural disasters. In this episode we’ll also cover the appropriate containers to store your supplies in. We’ve covered some ideas as to what to put in it, now let’s talk about what to put it in, and where to put it. When considering the placement or our stores, we need to consider the the largest potential threat, thereby giving our stores the best chance of being intact and usable.

Outlaw Thoughts: What about the fifth horseman? Misinformation.

In this episode the Alaska Outlaw cuts loose with an opinion piece about the rise of the fifth horseman of the apocalypse, misinformation. With the global influence of the misinformation highway, or social media, we find ourselves inundated with tidbits of data aimed at misdirecting the reader/listener. When broaching the subject of misinformation, the top two sources: news radio, and mainstream news. Although we’ve covered it before, just a reminder, those two sources are biding for followers, or “paying customers” who are willing to listen to their information. I would be willing at this point to submit that there is 100 times more fake news than there is real news.

Let’s talk about bugging out.

In this episode I’d like to talk about the theory behind “bugging out”. We’ll look at what it is, and what do we need to ensure we have when doing so. Most importantly we’ll debate when is the most appropriate time to make the decision as to when to “bug out”, or when to “shelter in place”. Just as importantly is the concept of “bugging in”, which lays the groundwork for one of the major decisions you’ll have make following a natural disaster. Quite frequently we hear people go on and on about “bugging out” before considering what is entailed in completing that. Possible road closures, or weather events continuing which then creates obstacles to the whole idea behind bugging out. Based on this line of thinking, one of the first major hurdles we need to cover is the decision to bug out, or stay home.