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The Alaskan Outlaw is an internationally published, weekly show about health, safety, and the security needs of common Americans. Responding to questions posed by listeners and members of the Outlaw’s personal social circles. With experience in law enforcement, emergency management, security, and survival skill training the Alaskan Outlaw offers advice for listeners to thrive in […]

Outlaw Thoughts. Why do we blame Public Safety?

Towards the middle of last year I published a podcast about the ramifications of defunding the police departments, and I generally outlined the evolution of “law enforcement” from the earlier night watchman, to the professional police officer we have today. Just as importantly, we talked about the community placing more and more legal burdens on these law officers, effectively shuffling the responsibility of policing the communities ourselves, and yet, while constantly tolerating criminal behavior. Every day I hear discussions about “how bad” officers are, and I remind those speakers, that we (as a community) made them that way.

Doomsday Prepping 101.

To fully begin to becoming prepared to survive, the first magical step is to set your mind to succeeding. Survival at its most fundamental level is a mental exercise, a construct of the necessary willpower to succeed against all odds. In addition, being prepared also includes having the necessary equipment or supplies prior to needing them, for as long as the uncertainty remains. Throughout today’s show, we’ll thoroughly discuss both of the major two ingredients

Speaking of apocalypse, welcome to 2021.

In this episode, I am joined by the Outlaw Pirate Crew to discuss the multiple conspiracy or threat theories floating around the internet. We discuss the possible solutions for how we common Americans can be prepared for any of the identified threats that come to fruition.

Alaskan Outlaw Year in Review

Reviewing the last year, throughout an international pandemic, and a heated election cycle.

Celebrating Christmas during this crazy year of the pandemic.

While many of you may be cringing with the idea that I’m pulling out my minister hat to bring fire and brimstone (after all I did graduate from a Baptist University). But alas, I’m sorry to disappoint, but while the meaning of Christmas is really not hinged upon the Christian religion. Today’s message is about hope. It’s about the promise of peace, joy and love being spread throughout the world. The spirit of the season does not recognize the color of skin, the sexual orientation, nor any other factor, but merely the hearts of individuals, the caring for other’s needs before their own. The idea that we can all coexist peacefully should be the quality that binds us.

Air Safety. Infection potential in the air we breathe.

Being prepared for natural disasters is really just imagining yourself in your home without utilities, or possibly stranded without the ability to resupply yourself and your family. Right? Wrong. Depending on the disaster, first-aid and basic construction understanding may be needed to keep you and your family safe and secure. However, you may not be aware, but according to the USFA, 37 percent of residential fire victims succumbed to smoke inhalation.


Interview with Doctor Anne Zink MD. FACEP on Dec. 8th, 2020 Well, guys, we have arrived at that anticipated moment where I have a distinct honor and welcome Doctor Anne Zinc to this week’s show. Doctor Zinc is the Chief Medical Officer for the State of Alaska and an expert on the impact that the […]

Canine Care and Field Treatment

Many of those pet owners out there seem to forget about their dogs during a natural catastrophe, essentially demoting them to property during an emergency. This changed for me decades ago when I was introduced to the term “working dog”. If you’ve never worked with a “furry tornado with laser beam focus” before, I am here to say that my canines are my partners. They are not “my kids”, nor are they just “my dogs”, I have formed a life-long partnership with them. As I learned to understand the mind of my canines over the years, it struck me that many pet owners don’t fully understand the responsibilities of being a K9 dog handler. Because whether you considered it or not, the day that little heart stealer came home to your house, you became one. From that day, until he/she passes, their whole world revolves around you. As the “alpha” of your pack, your job is to teach them everything, and responding to emergencies is just one very small part.

Obtaining a balance between prepping and hoarding.

By: Alaskan Outlaw December 11th, 2020 A visit to the local supermarket prior to a major weather event can suggest that Americans are convinced that having a substantial store of particular objects will save them from whatever is coming with a natural, or human-induced substantial event. While being prepared should be an absolute requirement for […]


Transcript recorded on December 2nd, 2020 AO Well, hey, I wanna welcome Josh Cropper from HPR Working Dogs of Wasilla, Alaska. Is that correct?  JC That is correct.  AO Outstanding. Well, as I mentioned, in the previous part of the show, you’ve become kind of my role model for dog training. So I’ve been kinda […]

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