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The Alaskan Outlaw is an internationally published, weekly show about health, safety, and the security needs of common Americans. Responding to questions posed by listeners and members of the Outlaw’s personal social circles. With experience in law enforcement, emergency management, security, and survival skill training the Alaskan Outlaw offers advice for listeners to thrive in […]

Get, and stay low. Surviving an active shooter encounter.

All right, so let’s honestly look at a couple of situations where we might run into this type of situation. Then, address the “preparedness” angle where we’ll look at some “red flags” to be cognizant of. Finally, we’ll outline some basic ideas to get low, move fast, and get out alive. Before we really go too deep, I really want to make sure we’re all on the same page. We’re not talking about this to garner fear, or force anyone to stay home behind locked doors. We’re not fear-mongering, we’re identifying where we need to be prepared, and what we can do.

Outlaw Thoughts. I’m not my father, I don’t have “white male privilege”.

I sat for quite some time pondering what to say about this topic, my heart remains heavy with the recent pain caused by the blatant attack on our democracy here in the United States. The actions witnessed of the “supposed” patriots on our nation’s capital during the certification of the electoral votes, it dawned on me that this was becoming the podcast I never thought I’d be having. I focused intently on the composition of the crowds that surrounded the Capital building during the protest. I completed this study in much the same way I studied the crowds in the multiple riots throughout the summer of 2020. Originally, I thought I would be expressing anger at the nations willingness to label me as a “WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant)” including all those negative connotations, eternally endowed by birthright with some “white privilege”.

Level setting fear and anxiety.

Watching re-runs of Doomsday Prepper, or “bear Gryllis” will give you some basic ideas, however, these two instances are for the extreme and are really not for the average family. The Red Cross and Federal Emergency Management Administration (FEMA) offer guidelines, both of these groups are really trying to normalize the whole of the United States by simplifying, and not drilling down into individual regions. When considering the start of your preparedness exercises, consider the following, in order;

Far North Soccer Invitational Photos

Thank you so much for waiting this long as we have sorted out the thousands of pictures taken over the weekend at the Anchorage Youth Soccer Club 2021 Far North Invitational Soccer tournament that happened here in Anchorage, at Kincaid Park.  These photos were taken of the Alaska Timbers 2011 boys team, however, other clubs […]

Freedom. They can’t take that away.

Throughout last year we repeatedly spoke about the freedoms that Americans enjoy every day. We spoke about the needs for individuals to not only express their freedoms, but to be prepared to fight for them if necessary. No, not like those freaks did on January 6th of this year, but pay attention to the voting booths, and the proposed ordnance’s and laws that are up for a vote. To be a civilized society, we must each endeavor to be respectful of the rules governing a society. Unlike the clowns of early January 2021, we need to have order and discussion. That is how a society works. There are rules, and the idea that we trample others rights in the demand for our own is a definite path to anarchy, and societal collapse.

Welcome to Season Two of Alaska Outlaw

Tonight is the long awaited introduction to our second season here at the Alaska Outlaw podcast. Throughout the last year we’ve covered many different topics, and found several themes that emerged throughout the year. A year of informative podcasts to look back upon, I want to look at these threads and hopefully shed some more light on those themes. First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank each of you for following us, and hope that our second year will be just as fun, and educational as the first one was. The key that has hopefully been underscored throughout the many shows is that each of us have the power to get and stay safe and secure. We know that survival is a 90% mental exercise, and 10% conscious action steps. As we witnessed the many dynamic events unfold before our eyes, creating carnage and terror in our everyday lives throughout last, and the early part of this year, we know that our knowledge and skills will be called upon to get us out safe. Armed with knowledge of the proper steps, we can make our opportunity for success that much more possible.

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