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The Alaskan Outlaw is an internationally published, weekly show about health, safety, and the security needs of common Americans. Responding to questions posed by listeners and members of the Outlaw’s personal social circles. With experience in law enforcement, emergency management, security, and survival skill training the Alaskan Outlaw offers advice for listeners to thrive in […]

Survival mindset, being ready to win.

While I’m not current instructor of outdoor survival anymore, I’m glad many of you brought this up and asked about a journey into the psychology needed to win at wilderness survival, or any type of survival for that matter. Regardless whether you are surviving a beautiful day just off the local trails, or the most brutal extreme weather and terrain on earth, the mindset is the same. Having the thoughts necessary to survive is absolutely critical to your success, and it should dictate each decision while navigating through the situation. Today I want to explore that subset of your mind to help you fully understand, and win, in the power your mind can offer to your success.

Staying the course

During my last journey, I remember where I walked through snow, rain, and bitter cold to burn the needed calories for that day. I didn’t let anything come between me and my required exercise. It was what made that journey as successful as it was. Ultimately arriving at running three miles a night, and walking for two nights. Week after week.

Supply lines in America

Trucks, trains, boats and planes, and now, in certain parts of the country, drones. These are the cogs of a supply chain that spans the globe moving products from the manufacturer, through the distributor, through the retail outlet, to us, the consumer, every minute of every day. Billions of miles are logged everyday in the 24 hour a day, worldwide industry. Today, I’d like to dive a little deeper into the shipping industry and talk about the fragility of the supply lines. I’d like us to have this discussion before the next incident occurs.

You have to walk before you run.

Starting the weight loss challenge can be daunting, the trick is to start where you are. Start slow and small and build it until you have success. Please continue to follow me as I recreate my process to successful weight loss.

Safety in Numbers. Avoiding unnecessary risks.

This week I’d like to expand on some safety ideas for you as you travel around different situations, by deploying some “safety in numbers” practices that we’ll talk about here today. Throughout the decades of being in the security industry, I’ve had countless conversations with many individuals about the concept I call “physical injustice”. Physical injustice is identified by noting a physical difference between two parties.

The path forward.

In my quest to lose and maintain my weight, I have had to make several adjustments to my normal life. While none of them are truly “fun”, the understanding that they are necessary is the underlying motivation. These tasks, while some may consider them bothersome, have had to become an engrained part of my new lifestyle.

The struggle is unrelenting.

For those of us who struggle to lose, or maintain our weight, every day is a struggle to monitor and maintain daily calories. While the focus of reducing input calories is fairly easy, the “back-lash” of the mind can be as powerful as any drug addiction. If our mind believes that we are “shorting” ourselves, […]

Turning on the healthy choices.

Well, here we go again. Today I began to reintroduce exercise into my normal routines. Starting with three days a week, the goal will be to walk away about 30 pounds, so I can implement a jog. So, as I said we are back underway to weight loss.

The Right Direction.

A new direction in Social Media, limiting the influence of addiction to the high-speed social media of today.

Prepping. Where did they go?

Many of you have asked where did they go? For those of you who missed the show,  let me define what preppers are/were. Shows versus reality. Let’s talk about those the stereotypes they showcased throughout the several seasons the show was on the air. The cast of the show were the extremists of the culture, but the overall idea was to make sure that their lives would continue following an international catastrophe.

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