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The Alaskan Outlaw is an internationally published, weekly show about health, safety, and the security needs of common Americans. Responding to questions posed by listeners and members of the Outlaw’s personal social circles. With experience in law enforcement, emergency management, security, and survival skill training the Alaskan Outlaw offers advice for listeners to thrive in […]

Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Its impact on society.

The story I am to relay is the absolute worst-case scenario, but does recognize the real-world theoretical possibility. Now, I’m going to say outright, that the chances are so highly unlikely that I doubt it’s measurable. Many of you might say the preparedness I’m going to retell is an absolute conspiracy theory. Technically, your 100% accurate.

Creating a Personal Security Plan.

I hear it all the time, the countless stories about being smaller, or petite, having a deep-seated fear about being alone in dark or unfamiliar places. I’ve spoken to hundreds about their perception of injustice with racism, sexism, physical brutality. The story is the same for all situations where a perceived physical inequity could exist between the would-be attacker, and the intended victim.

Rubber on the Road, preparing for a natural disaster.

Almost every other news broadcast, we hear about natural disasters wrecking havoc in communities across the globe, spawning months of recovery efforts. But more importantly we find those who were ill prepared find themselves even further behind the curve, rather than those who were ready

Choosing to live in a Community.

So, what is a community? What exactly defines a community? Well, honestly that’s a big question to answer. A community can define a multitude of levels within, or combined with outside the local people, depending on the discussion. Whether we are talking about the Navajo community, which spans the country, or a town in southern Arizona, we can refer to them both as communities. So, we could have the Native-American community which is a small part of one town, or the Native-American community which spans the country, or the whole world. Just depends on your scope.

Weaponry through the ages. Feeling safe with defensive weapon systems.

Talk about longer term dependence on weapon technology. However I want to be sure we talk about the chance that manufacturing plants could be offline, or no longer functioning. As we discuss the need for weaponry in a defensive measure, I want us to consider the longevity of said weapons. Whenever discussions of the zombie apocalypse surfaces, the immediate discussion comes up for axes, modified maces, or swords.

Video game players. Are they really prepared for the apocalypse?

Podcast Episode 031721 Published on March 17th, 2021 Here in the depths of the Alaskan winter, there are several things that can be counted on. The first is that the Alaska Outlaw homestead here in South-central Alaska is prepared. We are prepared for earthquakes, as well as many other natural disasters of many kinds, all […]

Household Chemical Safety. Do you know what you’re storing together?

What kind of chemicals are we talking about you ask? The many secret ingredients to keeping your home clean, or maintaining a level of hygiene, all of these products have some level of chemicals stored there that we need to be cognizant of. As an example, we need to be diligent that ammonia and chlorides don’t mix on a kitchen floor, however, there are many more. So, in addition to understanding a little more about our products, we will take a good look at what can be safely stored together. When you home turns into a blender due to an earthquake, tornado, or other natural disaster, we need to be sure that things don’t get mixed in an environment that we are trying to breathe in.

Intel versus Impossible Conspiracy Theories

A major component of misinformation is the Introduction to conspiracies. As a long serving counter-intelligent agent, my greatest toll was the “rumor mill”. When I needed to flush someone out, I would simply tell the local gossipers that the case against them was dead, the government had dropped all charges, and there would be no more games. Building reliability and legitimacy into my story with faked information. This would ultimately relax the suspect, allowing them to be taken without incident. The whole plan depended on these “middle people” needing to feel important, offering them their “fifteen seconds of fame”. My whole tact was to create a “believable” story, which depending on the situation would require a made up legitimacy.

Speaking about the evil of the human condition.

In case after case, many of us are appalled by the evil things that humans can do to each other. Many will seek solace in their deity, or the comfort of others in an attempt to come to terms as to what they witnessed. As the earth has spun us around to modern day we find an overwhelmed justice system that has sent a message to all the “would-be” murderers that there is a fairly good chance that you might get a lighter sentence if you can give information on a bigger fish for the law enforcement community.

Fundamental changes of the American Culture. Recovering from a pandemic.

Let’s talk about American culture, then contrast it against other cultures from around the globe to potentially determine what the American culture might look like after we emerge from beneath the dark shadow of the pandemic of 2020. All things considered, the world has begun to shrink when it comes to the separation between peoples, and more specifically cultures of those peoples. The internet has introduced people and cultures from very diverse geographically locations to each other with the benefit of transferring some of their cultures all around the world. Every day we, here in America see imported goods, and cuisine being brought to the public. Each community has become an inclusive microcosm of the world’s cultures, obviously, much of it Americanized for public consumption.

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