Curriculum vitae

12/84 – 02/87 -|- United States Marine Corps
-|- Amtrack Operator
Kaneohe Bay, Hawai’i

Primarily responsible for maintenance and upkeep of AAVP7A1 Amphibious Tractor for both field and ramp operation. In
addition, stationed as a US Marine in MCB Kaneohe. Guard duty, which included patrol of barracks and ramp (AAV staging) and personally issued weapon maintenance and qualifications.

Total Time: 2.7 Years

02/87 – 03/89 -|- DynCorp Security -|-
Plainclothes Security Officer
Bellingham, Washington

Provided commercial security presence as well as assisted in constructing operating manuals and policy/procedures for security personnel in commercial/manufacturing environments. Worked with the security team professionals to maintain large commercial properties for customers. Worked primarily with oil production facilities in Chad, Saudi Arabia, and finally, Anacortes, Washington. Worked in both Armed and Unarmed posts. Was instructed in CCTV and other monitoring systems, as well as installation.

Total Time: 2.1 Years

03/89 – 03/90 -|- Halliburton Construction Inc
-|- Plainclothes Security Operator
Houston, Texas

Provided VIP protection for a multitude of personnel, specifically during travel in and out of designated highly volatile
areas. Worked with convoy protection, operational oversight, and dynamic VIP personal protection. Worked almost exclusively in armed protective services. Provided environment planning and securing services for traveling locations.

Total Time: 1 Year

03/90 – 05/91 -|- Several Local Nightclubs -|-
Western Washington

Provided an integral part of the security system in several nightclubs. I authorized the entry of individuals to the club on the basis of age or observable behavior. Provided an intimidating presence, which was required while intervening in physical altercations. Skilled at controlling violent and abusive customers without resorting to violence themselves and tackled such situations in an unobtrusive manner. In addition, I Circulated among visitors, patrons, or employees to preserve order and protect the property. I escorted non-compliant patrons out of the establishment and greeted patrons upon entry and exit. I maintained order and ensured adherence to dress codes and provide assistance to patrons with special needs (i.e. bathrooms, and exit doors)

Total Time: 1.2 Years

05/91 – 8/91 -|- Commercial Fishing -|-
Seining Crew Member
Blaine, Washington – Ketchikan, Alaska

Fished for Salmon out of Ketchikan. Worked on the deck for a Seining operation. Worked as a singular crewmember while the vessel was in Blaine awaiting season.

Total Time: 3 months

08/91 – 08/93 -|- Whatcom Security -|-
Uniformed Security Officer
Bellingham, Washington

Worked with several different posts as an Armed, Uniformed security officer. It was during this employment that I was
trained on the usage of digital electronics for security needs (door latches, glass-breaks, motion sensors using lights, etc). Became supervisor for technology installations.

Total Time: 2 Years

08/93 – 08/94 -|- Grussell Bros Construction -|-
Drywall Journeyman Taper
Burlington, Washington

Initially employed as an apprentice drywall taper, worked with the local union to become a journeyman, in charge of a team of others. Skilled in using both: the old "box and knife" methods, as well as the new (at the time) tools in performing all types of wall preparation for painting. I performed most forms of texturing on walls, in addition to custom corners and repairs. Worked to ensure the hanging of the sheetrock was properly completed.

Total Time: 1 Year

08/94 – 01/96 -|- Alaska Security -|-
Uniformed Security Officer
Anchorage, Alaska

Alaska Security essentially performed several functions in the earlier days here in Anchorage. Our primary function was to
service and maintain Automated Teller Machines (ATM) with the Anchorage area. Basic electronic repair and money collection/resupply of most of the deployed ATM machines in the area. In addition, they performed unique security needs, such as remote location property (earlier days of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline at pump station #2)  and animal protection. Did long patrols along powerline easements and waterways using small vessels, as well as snow machines
and four-wheelers. Became certified as NRA firearms instructor and trained officers in safe weapon management and the proper use of deadly force.

Total Time: 1.5 Years

03/96 – 03/99 -|- Altman, Rogers & Co -|-
Information Systems Manager
Anchorage, Alaska

As the IT Director, I was utilized primarily for both: internal, as well as customer, end-user support. Internally, I managed multiple servers hosting a variety of accounting software, as well as ensured that the staff accountant’s computers were completely functional and up to date. I developed the Policy and Procedure manuals for all technology within the organization. Additionally, support included: ensuring that the organization personnel could log in and view networks of customers, as well as ensuring that they could communicate back to the home office from wherever they were. Made
several trips to villages throughout the State to ensure connectivity. Built several “Bulletin Board” modem servers utilizing multi-hunt lines, to allow individuals to move data, and review data sources from different locations.

Total Time: 3 Years

11/01 -|- Universal Life Church -|- Ordained

After years of counseling fellow service members dealing with re-integration back into civilian life, as well as fallen teammates, I sought and received my ordination as a chaplain with the Universal Life Church in central California. Since my ordination, I have assisted hundreds of individuals with a multitude of issues:

  • Death, and aging
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Amputation and severe wounds
  • Marriage, relationship
  • Survivors Syndrome

07/2002 -|- Wayland Baptist University -|-
Bachelor’s degree in Education

03/99 – 07/03 -|- Technoids Inc. -|-
Operations Manager
Anchorage, Alaska

Planned, directed, or coordinated the operations of this small technology firm. Duties and responsibilities include formulating policies, managing daily installation and configuration operations of both CCTV and computerized systems, and planning the use of materials and human resources. The firm provided technical support, installation, and configuration of computer systems and security installations, as well as CCTV and IP camera recording and monitoring. In addition, I learned and utilized 3D modeling software and, built the computer systems to host the needs of these
substantial software application environments.

Total Time: 4.4 Years

07/03 – 05/05 -|- Salvation Army Alaska -|-
Information Technology Director
Anchorage, Alaska

Among the responsibilities of an IT Director is the management, strategy, and execution of IT infrastructure for an
organization. Provided oversight for technical projects in alignment with organizational goals and direct the effective delivery of networks, development, and disaster recovery systems and processes. Worked with information engineers to find solutions to manage business activities. Supervised a team of professionals, while working closely with management,
external vendors and advisors. Prepared financial budgets and presented proposals for capital projects to senior executives. Researched and recommended new products identified new market opportunities and lead efforts to improve
IT processes.

Total Time: 1.8 Years

02/01 – Present -|- Self -|- Chaplain

Worked with a vast array of psychological conditions, counseling a multitude of individuals and couples:

  • Marriage, and life coaching
  • Adoption, child-rearing
  • Continuing to work with PTSD and service members
  • Death of family members

Total Time: 19+ Years

05/05 – 01/18 -|- GTK Security Services -|-
Security Consultant/Operator
Los Angeles, California

My time with GTK was split between two different aspects of security work, I was employed as a Maritime (on-board)
security operator, and a security K-9 handler. In the execution of these diverse roles; I performed routine security inspections of the vessel and dock facilities and ensured appropriate security measures were maintained. I implemented
and supervised that the Ship Security plan was followed both: underway, and in port. I patrolled and inspected cargo holds and all points within the vessels to ensure there was no unauthorized access and ensured total compliance and
conformity with the established security arrangement. As a K-9 handler I was responsible for my K-9 24/7 both: at sea, and in port, including the transportation of canine and self to vessels underway. K-9 operations included:
drug identification, weapons or explosives, and unauthorized persons.

Total Time: 12.6 Years

05/06 – 06/18 -|- University of Alaska
Anchorage -|- Call Center Team Lead
Anchorage, Alaska

Senior point of escalation for a help-desk environment spanning the South Central portion of the State of Alaska. Provide
policy/procedure development for technical personnel, who then provide technical support to a customer base regarding computing and telecommunications technology. Supervise twelve employees on an eighteen-hour day, every day, based on a calendar year. Responsible for CISCO VoIP “Call Manager”, “C.E.R.”, “U.C.C.X” management and configuration. I can manage Virtual LAN management for local and remote campuses. Primarily using Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2012
Servers, I have managed state-wide Microsoft Active Directory (AD) management to include DHCP, Replication, Microsoft Exchange Online Protection synchronization, and User Management. Assist with and manage/configure Microsoft Exchange 2010/2013 deployment.

Total Time: 12 Years

04/17 – 02/19 -|- Anchorage Veteran’s Court
-|- Chaplain

Worked with and counseled many individuals about getting their lives back on the right side of the law. The veteran’s
court typically worked with individuals convicted of some type of criminal behavior. Dealt with the plethora of issues surrounding individuals returning from their tours of duty.

Total Time: 1.9 Years

06/18 – 02/19 -|- General Communications Inc.
-|- Senior Support Manager
Anchorage, Alaska

Front line manager for 24×7 technical support operation for both: Alaska, and connections through the continental states
(Washington, Texas). Led a multi-tiered support group offering CISCO and Juniper support for Enterprise level customers. Managed a staff of thirty (30) personnel, ranging in skill sets from the front-line service desk technician,
to the high-level network administrator. Created and managed interdepartmental relationships with groups like the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), and Network operational engineering for streamlined escalation channels. Created
and maintained budgets for departmental spend, and human resource requirements for all staff. Managed discipline, as well as hiring/promotions for the department, including the establishment and oversight of contractors.

Total Time: 8 months

04/19 – Present -|- NMS Security -|- Security
Systems Administrator
Anchorage, Alaska

Joined NMS as a Security Systems administrator and managed both: the enterprise-level surveillance camera installation, as well as an international access control system. Worked to ensure the functionality of all technology within the organization matched the operational needs of the officers. Worked with senior leadership to ensure technology
deployment aligned with policy and necessary procedures.



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