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Mark defines his life and puts in on display via his films, podcasts, and blog posts. While his experience and history "do the talking", he offers a different perspective on these topics. While his wisdom is appreciated, his "living through as an example" adds realism to the advice he offers. I get asked frequently how can someone help support my function here at Aged AK Goalie. There are several ways that you can support. By joining our Patreon Page as a Patron with a subscription. You can use the donate button here, to donate to our cause, or navigate to our Gear store and purchase some of my used (but not used up), gear. Finally, you can check out our advertising page and determine if it fits the needs of your business. We'd love to hear from you.

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Aged AK Goalie

The Aged AK Goalie journals the adventure of a 50+-year-old grandfather learning, and enjoying the game of Ice Hockey here in Anchorage, Alaska as an adult goaltender. With years of experience as a civilian Chaplain, Mark brings a wealth of experience to help encourage and motivate others about getting on the ice and having fun. Teaching us all how to mentally recover from the challenges that life brings down the ice at us.

AK Outlaw

The Alaska Outlaw defines a method of getting through life. With decades of experience as a Chaplain working with a multitude of individuals, covering a plethora of topics, Mark can offer counsel for just about any type of mental health situation. Mark is able to work with any age of an individual, helping them to successfully move forward in their success.

Health and Fitness

With decades of providing encouragement, as well as several successful journeys through weight loss himself, Mark understands the real methods of weight loss and the benefit of exercise. With a "can-do" attitude, Mark can provide guidance for anyone to lose weight and get fit, healthily. With "real-life" solutions to the challenges that trap some of us in our current weight plateaus. He understands the distinction between marketing hype and real life.

Social Media Publishing Schedule

The social media publications follow the three (3) areas identified above.

We here at Aged AK Goalie have two different levels of participation. The first level is our "free" or unpaid subscribers/followers who can download shortened versions of our enhanced content available by becoming a patron to our Patreon account (link below).

The "Goalie Motivational Video" is a short video published on the Aged AK Goalie YouTube channel. This video provides motivation to others by displaying Mark's "mid-level" experience as a goaltender, as well as being mic'd up during the game, he attempts to provide some instruction as to the game of hockey and goaltending. Our "enhanced" video recorded content breaks down specific pieces of our big three (see above). Our videos explain in detail the point for that release. The "Recorded Hockey Games" is a full-length video produced for the benefit of all the players engaged in Shooter's hockey in Anchorage, Alaska. This video is also published on YouTube, as well as offered to all the players of that league. The "Motivational Podcasts (Kick Saves)" are, essentially, 5-minute audio recordings discussing one of the three topics (identified above). Typically, based on a healthy lifestyle, or mental health exercises, the podcasts are published via to Apple, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Google. Our enhanced podcasts are 15 minutes in length, offered weekly, and typically break down specific points in detail, and offer steps forward to accomplish whatever topic was discussed that session. Finally, the "Blog Posts" are published blog entries here on AKOutlaw, drawing the reader's attention to a particular point within the scope of those same three topics. These are shortened versions of our enhanced content on which details our steps to accomplish the discussion point.

Based on his personal event schedule as the Aged AK Goalie, Mark has a pretty ambitious publication schedule.

Social Media screenshotsMonthly

Free Content

  • x2 10 min Goalie Motivational Videos ("Stack the Pads")
  • x2 recorded hockey games (Shooter's Hockey)
  • x2 5 min motivational podcasts ("Kick Save")
  • x2 fewer than 700 words, blog posts (here at akoutlaw) ("A Glimpse")

Available on this site, YouTube, and Spreaker.

Enhanced Content

  • x2 45 min videos demonstrating specific points.
  • x4 15 min informational podcasts, with potential action steps or listener take-aways
  • x2 fewer than 1500 words, blog post discussion about a specific point, including action steps

Available for Patrons on the Patreon site.

Monthly Schedule

  • First & Third Friday - publish that week's moto video and the hockey game for free content, and Second & Fourth Fridays publishing the enhanced content videos.
  • Every Wednesday - published an enhanced podcast, with free content published on Second & Fourth Wednesdays
  • Every Saturday - publishes an enhanced blog post, with free content published on First & Third Saturdays.

Social Media Integration

Mark works tirelessly to broadcast his message across the internet on a variety of channels. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and BuzzSprout are just a few of places his message appears. Portraying videos, podcasts, posts, tweets, and constant messages via this website are a few of the branches that spread the message.

Lifting the Mask on Mental Health concerns

In addition to providing a multitude of channels of encouragement and motivation, Mark also takes the time to meet with people to discuss their mental health, which can be even more important than physical health. We encourage you to reach out and ask whatever question plagues you? Mark has several events per month, and/or can be scheduled to meet with your team to discuss the next level of performance. With a substantial history as an ordained civilian chaplain, Mark has worked with hundreds of people to lead constructive lives. Feel free to join us at one of our scheduled events, or contact us to schedule another time.

Counseling Request

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