Here we go again.

Here we go again, a journey to get back to that smaller pant size. As I begin a new journey towards a smaller me, many people have asked me "How does one start?" Given the fact that the last time I did this, I was seven years younger. I always tell them, that it really does begin with the first step. I've made the decision, that starting today, I will track every calorie I consume, even if I don't want to.

Let me answer the following question, "do you use some form of technology to do it?" That answer is a resounding yes. Let me introduce you to the three (3) major pieces of technology I use to lose weight.

  1. My smartphone. My phone is the Apple iPhone 11, however, that's not nearly as important as the software application that I use on my phone.
  2. My application. The application I choose is Under Armor's MyFitnessPal application. This application not only works on most phone platforms (i.e., iOS, Android, etc) but also includes apps for smartwatches as well.
  3. My smartwatch. My watch is the Apple Watch Series 6 smartwatch running the MyFitnessPal application on it. In addition, it is synced with Apple's basic health app, allowing the exercise I do to be imported into MyFitnessPal automagically.

If you wanted to include the bathroom scale where I measure my progress, I guess that would make four (4) pieces of technology. But alas, I digress. My first task of going on a substantial weight loss is to determine how horrible my eating habits have become. So, as I mentioned earlier, getting a grasp on the number of calories ingested each day is the first step in this endeavor.

I've set MyFitnessPal for a maximum of 1850 calories per day. Now, I know you're going to say that number seems very low for a 6 foot, 290-pound guy, and you're right. However, let me help you understand where I'm going with that. Because of the way MyFitnessPal adds any calories burned during exercise to my overall count, a three-mile hike would burn 290 calories (as an example). These 290 calories are then added to 1850, allowing me to consume 2140 calories that day. So, the last time I did this, I had my calories set even lower, but, I included a lot more exercise than I will this time, so therein lies the difference.

My hope is that you will all join me on my journey to lose 90 pounds.

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