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Mark Weisman

I am a third-generation, American born Dane who currently lives in Anchorage Alaska with two of my five children, and my shield-maiden for over 33+ years now. We currently have four beautiful grandchildren who gift us with their presence, either in person, or via face chats from across the globe. I have extensively studied my own ancestral heritage to include the Danish, the Irish, and the Scots. This combination has led me on a path of intrinsic discovery to deliver a message using a streaming television show that I have written, directed, and produced. I have spent much of my adult life as a professional educational specialist which led to my bachelor’s degree from Wayland Baptist University in Occupational Education. In this role, I sought not only to educate and inform, but also to conform and entertain, as I know relaxed minds absorb new intellect better. Since the days of hitting the airwaves, originally with audio podcasts, which then evolved into video podcasts, which led to the show I produce today, I have sought my two major goals in my productions,

Educate and Entertain.

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Mark Weisman
Actor Profile

Mark Weisman

Norse Shaman | Anchorage, Alaska

Male | He/Him

About Me

I am your average grandfather who happens to study the Celtic-Norse of antiquity. I have begun to produce a weekly show with multiple roles that I produce on YouTube and am looking for my exposure to a wider audience as well as IMDB credits.


Age Range:             50 – 70
Height:                    5’11” / 180cm
Weight:                   280lbs / 127kg
Build:                      Heavyset / Stocky
Hair:                        Gray
Eyes:                        Hazel


Whispers of the Norse – Self/Writer/Director/Crew/Producer/Post-Production
Infinite Visions Studios, Anchorage Alaska April 2024

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Voice Actor

About Me

I am a third generation American born Dane with deep ties to my Danish ancestry. With a vocal range to include a natural baritone into some falsetto and dialect manipulations. A full range of emotional readings.

Voice Characteristics

Character Voices Performed

  • Male
Voice Age
  • Adult
  • Senior

Voice Abilities

  • American – General
  • American – Southern
  • American – Military
  • Scot – General
  • Danish – General
  • English – Upper class
  • English (fluent)
  • Spanish (little)
  • Danish (little)
  • German (very little)
Voice Styles
  • Athletic
  • Aged

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More Information

I can also do public speaking and motivational speaking engagements, see for more information.

My acting career is short, although I do have a bit of airtime in my role as a Shaman and host.

Written Word

Mystic Mag
Released on October 21st, 2023

In this interview, the Shaman discusses several topics about his journey to his spirituality as well as the enlightenment that would follow. Written by Luka Stankovic, the interview  speaks about the application our our spiritual connection and understanding to find better mental health in these modern times of anxiety and imbalances within our life’s lessons. The article highlights a different perspective by utilizing our ancestral spiritual connections to help us manage our personal energies for healing and growth. A wonderful article that speaks volumes about using our spirituality in the modern-day world.

Audio Appearances

If by Chance Podcast
Recorded on: March 2024
The Shaman visited with and discussed the effects of PTSD on the everyday person with a wonderful host. The discussion went on to discuss methods in which we can identify, in others, the effects of this cognitive overload that accompanies the psychological trauma associated with PTSD. The Shaman would outline some programmatic steps he uses when working with the hundreds of people he sees every year to get to “living” mechanisms that those affected can embrace to move past this and experience true happiness and joy.

The Bible Says What Podcast
Recorded on: November 2023
The Shaman was invited and engaged by a wonderful host who explored the reality of energy management, and the unique path, with the many influences, that we will all make through this lifetime we call our experiences. While the host struggled to escape the loss of children, the Shaman explained that we are alone in our energy transmission toward others, as well as our selves. The Shaman would go on to retell his experiences of recovering from the valley of a heroin overdose, to the mountaintop of redemption, finding the love of his life four months, four days after his overdose in the Arizona desert. 

Transcendent Minds Podcast
Recorded on: September 2023
The Shaman was invited and engaged this show’s host in an in-depth discussion about the deeper understandings of our spirituality in every day life. The Shaman and the host spoke of many different aspects of embracing our spiritual understandings, while connecting it directly to our our personal, ancestry, and the importance of our connections to these spiritual entities who can guide our lives, or make it more challenging. 

Tribe of Greyhorn Pagans Podcast (Not Yet Released)
Recorded on: August 2023
The Shaman was invited and joined this show’s host in a discussion about the application of our spiritual understandings in respect to our individual psychological challenges. The Shaman discussed how he uses his spiritual understandings to further the healing process of those affected by psychologically traumatic events, and how the path to healing didn’t lead to where they were before the injury, but to a new, better place where they could experience a happy, content life. The Shaman discussed the personal effects of psychological trauma with the hosts with their own traumatic events.

New Hearts Healing Podcast
Recorded on: July 2023
The Shaman joined this wonderful host to discuss the presence of spirituality in our every day life, as well as the application of the modern shaman into a world to promote commonality. This show drew upon the Shaman’s intrinsic ability to find peace, kindness, and commonality amid this modern-day “hurry up” world we call home. Broadcast from Las Vegas, Nevada in the United States, the Shaman enjoying the message conveyed and deeply appreciated the host’s openness to the broad stroke of spirituality.

The Fantasy Writers Toolshed Podcast
Recorded on: July 2023
The Shaman joined this amazing host to discuss the implications of spirituality and its influence in the assistance of writing a fantasy story. The Shaman explained the manifestation of physical reality based on culture instead of spirituality because of its close proximity to religion. Whereas he suggested getting in touch with our ancestors to fully embrace the culture, going on to say that in the times before monotheism, culture is what carried our spiritual beliefs and practices. He also admitted that the modern day monotheistic practices had invoked legislation of morality within their practices.

Wise Roots Podcast
Recorded on: March 2022
The Shaman joined the host of this podcast to discuss all the implications of the studies in spirituality dating back before modern humans began to settle the rest of the earth. They spoke of the biological interaction with the spiritual realm that is all around us, and what the implications are for what we think we know. A wonderful discussion that exposed more of the similarity between beliefs the further back in time, one travels. Ultimately, we all arrive at the rawest form of understanding our spirituality.

Alchemy Experiences
Recorded on: February 2022
In this recorded interview from the United Kingdom, the host and shaman discussed the technical interworkings of how our spiritual entities can cause a rise in emotion by initiating a stored memory that contains some emotionally charged portion. They discussed in detail how the chemical balance within the body can be controlled by the individual by managing closely the physical sensory input, or the interpreted values therein.

Emma’s Universe
Recorded on: February 2022
In this recorded interview, the hostess and the shaman discussed many things. Some of the topics covered regarded the shaman’s experiences with treating the returning veterans here in the United States. They discussed how the shaman was able to assist these men and women in discovering those memories within their minds that caused the “triggering” events, and methods to arrest their responses. Great conversation.

Pagan’s Witchy Corner
Recorded on: February 2022
In this recorded interview, the shaman and the host discussed some misinterpretations that have occurred throughout the millennia with the use of individual labels, typically applied by the early monotheistic practices. They also discussed a similar journey that they each had taken to arrive at their current belief systems and some of the understandings that had led them there.

Creatrix Culture
Recorded on: January 2022
In this interview, the shaman discussed the understanding of individuals connecting to the spiritual realm, and some of the benefits of that relationship. The wonderful hostess discussed with the shaman the need for the recognition of one’s personal life’s path. During the discussion, again the topic was covered about the commonality, and how most practitioners only have a few degrees of differences within their interpretations.

The Spirit World Center podcast
Recorded on: January 2022
In this interview, the shaman discussed our interactivity with both: the spiritual realm around us, and the deity level entities that we interact with. As a spiritual discussion, the shaman covered much on his understandings of commonality and co-existence and spoke at length as to how we discover our own personal relationships with the spiritual realm, as well as our deities.

Some Crazy Shit Podcast
Recorded on: January 2022
In this interview, Dr. Weisman discussed how our genetic composition interacts with the spiritual realm around us. He also discussed the historic reality of what the Úlfhé∂nar were in ancient Scandanavia. During the discussion, the idea of understanding the spiritual influences that occur every minute, and how they affect what we think we know.

Success Fundamentals
Recorded on: December 2021
In this interview, Dr. Weisman discussed the scientific essentials of our spirituality. By addressing the “moral injury” perspective, Dr. Weisman described how our body’s chemical reactions combined with our genetic formation causes emotional landmines within the mind that need to be addressed using ancient techniques to obtain a mental balance which then allows us to address the larger emotional trauma.

Drive On with Scott DeLuzio
Recorded on: January 2022
In this interview, Dr. Weisman spoke of his ancestral connection to help others to discover and manage their minds. By establishing a mental balance within the use of ancient techniques, he explained how those suffering from PTSD and other mental trauma can reclaim their joy and happiness back. By addressing the triggering events, and including support team members, individuals can acquire true balance.

“Dharma Junkie” Podcast Show
Recorded on: November 2021
In this episode, Dr. Weisman speaks about how the brain is interacted with and “programmed” by the spiritual world that surrounds us each day. He discusses with a FANTASTIC host (Justin) the many benefits that deep meditation can provide, as well as some mindfulness exercises to help get a self-centered relaxation model to cope with modern-day stress and struggle.

“Love, Forgive, Live” Podcast Show
Recorded on: November 2021
In this episode, Dr. Weisman spoke with a WONDERFUL host Sroda Aglagoh about the connections between us humans and the spiritual world around us. Being able to constructively utilize the wisdom given to us by the surrounding spirits to tend to the human body and mind to produce a healthy and happy life and easily co-exist with our fellow humans.

“Surviving the Suck” Podcast Show
Recorded on October 2021
In this interview, Dr. Weisman spoke with a talented host Charles Danielson, about offering others some ideas about mental health control mechanisms that can be implemented by the individual to help them manage their symptoms of PTSD and include the support rings of the individual. Dr. Weisman spoke of removing stereotypes, and being willing to ask for help, is not a sign of weakness but a recognition of the power contained within a “team” or support network.

“Modern Animism Radio, a holistic spiritual path” Podcast Show
Recorded on August 2021
In this show, Dr. Weisman was interviewed by a wonderful host and introduced the idea of being Norse and a modern-day Celt. Discussion included the debunking of many of the myths surrounding the peoples of the “Viking Era” to allow listeners to understand the reality of what it really meant to be Norse, and what it meant to be a Scandinavian during those times.

Video Appearances
Curious Expression Podcast
Recorded on: February 26th, 2024
On this episode the Shaman discusses many different topics with a wonderful host where he answered many questions about his beliefs and what he does in the modern-day. They discussed the history of the Celtic-Norse, Energy management, and emotional understanding, offering each the opportunity to make a choice to better their lives.
The BohdanFproject Podcast
Recorded on: September 30th, 2023
On this episode the Shaman shared his thoughts with a wonderful host. They spoke about several different aspects of the Shaman’s life, such as who is a SHAMAN, on mentorship, is it necessary to have a role model, SPIRITUALITY, Spiritual guidance, Christianity vs. Islam, you always have a choice, ceremonies and rituals, pipe smoking (of course), plus many other topics.
Heliopolis Radio Podcast 
Recorded on: August 12th, 2023
The Shaman was invited and had an in-depth discussion about the implementation of new personal habits to promote our connection to the spiritual realm around us. They spoke about the millennia of practices that have superseded our own knowledge about the connections we each have with the spiritual realm around us. Discussion more about the Shaman’s journey from the valley of depression and self-loathing, to the mountaintop of redemption, arriving at the point of spiritual realm wisdom only gained through decades of relational experiences.
The Queen Bee Podcast
Recorded on: July 26th, 2023
The Shaman joined this wonderful host to discuss the presence of kindness, as well as the application of the modern shaman into a world to promote this kindness. With a fairly quick pace, the show drew upon the Shaman’s intrinsic ability to find peace, kindness, and commonality amid this modern-day “hurry up” world we call home. Located in India, the host presents ideas about finding and creating kindness wherever we go. A wonderful show with the host and Shaman enjoying the message conveyed.
Mick & the Psychic Podcast
Recorded on: October 12th 2022
The Shaman joined Mick and Xzavia to discuss the connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, as well as covering the manifestation of personal energies for accomplishing anything we set our mind’s to.
Pagan’s Witchy Corner
Recorded on: February 10th, 2022
A video was produced during the recording of the standard audio podcast. No footage of the Shaman is presented.
Television & Film

“Whispers of the Norse”
A 30 minute streamed television program on the Ethereal TV network, more information can be found at

Press Information

BIO Information

Mark Weisman is a modern-day Shaman and sworn 53rd generation Úlfhe∂nar to his ancestral Gods, Ó∂inn and Freyja in Asgard by Norse legend. As a former Pastor with the Christian church, he has studied religions extensively throughout the world, and ultimately being called to a Shaman, he arrived at his cultural, spiritual home of the Celtic-Norse. With several advanced academic degrees, he has developed successful methods of dealing with psychological trauma thereby helping his friends to build living mechanisms to get back to their lives filled with joy and comfort. As a sworn Úlfhe∂nar, his primary mission is to use his gift from his Gods to help friends and family overcome their obstacles and see their way to a successful life’s journey. He produces a simplistic message of love, peace, and hope, by the teaching of, and the demonstration of, the wisdom of his ancestors.

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