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Welcome to the Outlaw Union here at the Alaskan Outlaw. In addition to all the other facets of his life, the Alaskan Outlaw (Mark Weisman) is an ordained reverend and offers his wisdom and guidance to couples seeking to be wed here in Alaska. As an ordained chaplain, the Outlaw has counseled thousands of couples throughout the years as well as proceeded over hundreds of weddings throughout the Alaskan wilderness and urban settings alike.

Typically, the engagement of the Alaskan Outlaw wedding services works like:

  1. Mark meets (face-to-face) with the engaged couple (and immediate family)
    1. Counsels with the couple regarding ideals about marriage.
    2. Counsels with the couple (and immediate family (if available)) about working together for a successful marriage.
  2. Discussion of any specific requests and receives the details about date and time.
  3. Completion of formal (State of Alaska) paperwork necessary.

The cost for the Alaskan Outlaw to perform the wedding services is

$115 per hour + any related travel or special equipment necessary for the ceremony

This cost includes (up to) one hour of marriage counseling prior to the event. Full payment is required before the date of the event.

Things to know about being married in the State of Alaska, or State of Alaska waters;

  1. An application for a marriage license must be completed (Click Here)
  2. There is a three (3) day waiting period between the application date and actually receiving the marriage license which is required to be present prior to the event.
  3. A venue (whether public or private) must be reserved and/or permissions granted by the owner (unless public area)
  4. An ordained reverend/minister may be used in lieu of a commissioner, however, anyone can be the commissioner for a wedding within the State of Alaska, there is a simple fee of $35 (USD). (Click Here)

Things to know about the Alaskan Outlaw:

  1. Is ordained by the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California, and practices as a Chaplain throughout the State of Alaska.
  2. He reserves the right to decline his services.
  3. Will not support, nor conduct a wedding ceremony to non-human species.
  4. Will not support, nor conduct a wedding ceremony to anyone under the age of 18.
  5. Is willing to perform "themed" weddings (i.e. viking, biker, medieval, etc.).
  6. The Outlaw only officiates the ceremony, he does not perform other tasks.

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