Outside Interests

  • Husband, Father, and Grandfather

    With three (3) awesome grandkids (so far (2020)), and five (5) children around the world, I really appreciate spending time with all of them. In addition, the woman who made it all happen for me, my bride for 30 years (as of 2020). More to follow, suffice to say they all keep me sane, and busy.

  • Adult Ice Hockey

    I learned to skate (and play hockey) back in my 40's as I coached a U10 house team to a semi-successful season. After building some life-long friendships, I became "hooked" on playing, and although suffering a substantial back injury in 2010, I started playing again in 2018 as an adult ice hockey goalie. I use my videography skills to record the pickup games I play in, and post them here.

  • Motorcycle Enthusiast

    My wife and I spend our summers seeing the road system here in Alaska on our Harley Davidson motorcycles. Whether it be ice cream in Girdwood, Alaska, or pie in Hope. Even making the 8-hour ride to Fairbanks from Anchorage. Should have photos online soon showing the reason we ride.... the Great State of Alaska.

  • Amateur Photographer

    As a developing photographer switching gears from my day-job of crime scene investigator/photographer to build a portfolio of landscapes and sports action photos. I am the Alaskan Outlaw (https://akoutlaw.com).

  • Canine handler and Operator

    After a substantial study program, I have become a K9 dog handler. I have worked with a multitude of dogs with different skill sets throughout the years and am currently studying the "TrikosK9" methods for proper training. My own K9 (a Czech German shepherd) has offered an unmatched camaraderie and friendship.

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