Bringing my world into Focus

As my experience base grows beyond crime-scene investigations with still/action photography/videography/editing, I have found myself dabbling in the art of photography (landscape & sports action. I hope to expand my adventures over the years as my family and I tour this beautiful state and collect images from those trips. Ultimately I’d like to move my hobby to the next level, however, for now, I am happy to learn and grow as a photographer.

As part of the investigative process, photo rendering the crime scene is a critical element in a successful conclusion to the investigation. As such, my job as a private security CSI photographer is to answer as many questions as possible through the visual details contained within the images I capture. Now, as an amateur hobbyist photographer I am focusing my efforts on two additional areas of photography:

  • Landscapes / Wilderness
  • Action Sports (adult & youth sports)

Landscapes / Wilderness

A budding photographer, I've begun the idea of capturing the most beautiful state in the United States for others to enjoy as much as I do.

Landscapes / Wilderness

Action / Movement

As a long-term sports enthusiast, as well as a parent of youth athletes for many years, I have taken up the gauntlet to capture their successes in digital imagery.

Action Photography

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