Pond Hockey Fall of 2019

So, last night started the Fall session of "pond hockey" here in Anchorage. To enlighten those of you who are unaware of what pond hockey is, a short introduction.

Pond Hockey is a game of hockey typically played without referees, or stoppage of play. There is no scorekeeping and is typically used to enhance skills and garner the exercise value of hockey.

Last night, I also tried out my new skates... well, new to me anyway. With my old CCM skates finally giving up the battle against the rust, I laced up my new CCM skates. While I struggled with leaning forward and back for positioning, I found that my right skate had come loose a little, but it became very obvious how bad my other skates had become over the decade of usage.

Other than my footing, I found that my game was fairly good. I found that my landings on my pads were much more consistent, properly laying the pads in the right direction. I also worked on lateral pushes during the warm-ups.

During the game, I gave up less than a handful of goals, most of them were through the "3" hole. Specifically when I dropped into a butterfly I found my blocker down on my goal pad, this left a substantial 1 & 3 holes to shoot at. In all cases the shooters were in the lower drop circles deep in our zone when (in two cases) I was dropping while moving to my left (attempting to block the lower left) when the players fired their shots against my movement, catching the high corner of the net.

Overall, it was a great start with the new skates. I will have to work on making sure that the skates are secured properly and will need to get familiar with having "rockers" again.

This session I will only be playing for one AAHL team, and this group of Pond Hockey, as my left bicep continues to plague me. More to follow, and I hope to be able to get filming back up soon.

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