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Within the professional arena, my talent for bringing diverse groups together, and generating measurable productivity has been recognized by a gallery of individuals throughout my time. Here are a few of the letters of references I’ve received…

Reprinted with permission

“I am writing this letter to recommend Mark Nathaniel-Weisman for the position included in this letter of recommendation. In the almost four years I have worked with Mark, he has demonstrated an outstanding appreciation for the concept and practice of Customer Service. Mark consistently thinks of his customers when he considers operations, changes to operations and/or added or deleted services. He represents his customers well in the execution of his duties associated with the formal and informal change control processes at IT Services.

Mark has also demonstrated an understanding of the importance of proper documentation of policies and practice as a foundation for good customer service. His policy and procedure statements have been used as examples of good practice for LEAN training here at UAA. Training his staff and his intermediate advanced practitioners have been more effective due to the nature of the documentation on hand.

Since I first met Mark, his approach to the work at hand and his handling of his staff have been consistently respectful and positive, while knowing when to press more fervently if needed. Mark would be a powerful addition to any leadership team aligned with his capacity and experience.”

___________, Interim Vice Chancellor University of Alaska Anchorage

“I am writing this letter on behalf of Mark Weisman who has indicated his intentions to apply for the Director position.

As Director of the Office of Student Information Services at the University Center. I have known and worked extensively with Mark for about twelve years. In all of my associations with him, he has been eager to assist me in every endeavor that has required the assistance of his office. This includes the upgrade to VOIP, the implementation of call recording (Call Rex), Cisco Historical Reports (and upgrade) as well as troubleshooting problems that have occasionally arisen related to our call center itself. In every case, Mark has been timely, thorough, forward-thinking and responsive. It is clear that he has customer service foremost in mind and it has clearly shown in his work with me.

In addition to being knowledgeable and customer-focused, Mark also has a great “can do” attitude that always leaves me feeling confident that things will get done. He always checks back with me to make sure that what we worked on is functioning properly and that I’m completely satisfied.”

_______________, Enrollment Services Director University of Alaska Anchorage

“Please accept this letter of recommendation regarding Mark Weisman.  I worked with Mark as a colleague for over four years between 2012 and 2016. During this time, Mark led the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Call Center, which supported many of the projects in which my division was engaged. For one year of the time, he was also a regular part of a radio show I produced and managed for KRUA.

Mark is an intelligent and personable individual. He truly wants to help all the community members he supports and looks for ways to provide support in new and innovative ways. One such example was his eagerness to become a regular part of the TechKnow Radio Show on the university’s radio station. Mark was a weekly call-in cast member to talk about the UAA Call Center and provide technology tips and news from around UAA to outreach to the UAA community.

As the Call Center lead, Mark’s team was integral to providing support to the academic technology tools my team managed, Blackboard Learn and Digication. Mark was very easy to collaborate with and ensured his team was prepared to handle any questions that arose as new features were implemented and/or upgrades were performed. I was always impressed with Mark’s positive attitude and true desire to provide outstanding performance and customer service.

Perhaps Mark’s strongest ability is critical thinking and strategic approach to any project he engages in. Mark sees the big picture and is quick to point out little details that might otherwise be overlooked. He also learns new technologies promptly and can quickly identify the needs of the community he supports. While Mark has never reported to me, I do consider him a critical team member and value the experience and expertise he brings to the table.”

_____________________, PhD. Director, University of Alaska Anchorage

“Thank you for this opportunity! This letter serves two functions: (1) to express my appreciation for your efforts in supporting the integration of our new e-portfolio effort, eWolf, into the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA); and (2) serving as documentation for use as a personal “Letter of Reference.”

Arriving at UAA in January 2014 to lead the e-portfolio initiative, I immediately began to seek out allies and colleagues within the leadership of Information Technology Services (ITS). Engaging individuals that would provide operational support as part a project initiation step may seem counter-intuitive since historically, technology service staff are simply expected to “absorb” those technology tools/services that academic or student affairs deem “necessary.” For me, however, technology services, especially in the area of user (student) technical support were vital in planning for and ensuring operational project success. Hence, your support, as manager of UAA’s technology call center team support, was and is critical to eWolf operations.

During my tenure with the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MnSCU), I assisted in the launch of a number of nationally recognized call center operations/service. Hence, I was comfortable approaching you with an understanding of the business side of call center operations, what was an unknown was how you and your team would respond to my request of “Please take on, for end-user support, the largest project [in terms of scope] in the history of UAA without any additional fiscal resources.” The fact that you did not immediately throw me out of your office is a testament to your openness to new ideas and initiatives. The fact that you and your team were willing to take on this challenge is a further testament both to your leadership and commitment to UAA and its students-THANK YOU!

I have also appreciated how you permitted and encouraged your eWolf relationship to evolve. Your team has continued to refine their skill sets and you personally are comfortable in your relationship to Digication’s co-founders, Jeffrey Yan and Kelly Driscoll, enough to interact with them directly- again, thank you!

Mark, I understand that career paths permit us with different journeys and opportunities. If your personal journey takes you out of your current position or organization, then I wanted to take a moment to personally express my appreciation for your leadership and willingness to stretch both you and your team. The success of our eWolf effort is directly attributable to individuals such as yourself.  You have my appreciation and gratitude!”

__________________, eWolf Coordinator University of Alaska Anchorage

“It’s my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Mark Weisman. I have worked with Mark for close to ten years. During that time we have collaborated on projects and communicated openly regarding a wide range of Information Technology topics. Mark is incredibly well-spoken and honest. In his current position, he has to deal at times with upset customers, through no fault of his own, and he always succeeds in calming the situation for all parties involved. He has a gentle manner when handling customer feedback and complaints, which is going to serve him well in any type of increasing managerial role. Mark is the type of person that excels in management because of his personality, experience, background, and his ability to communicate effectively with others.

The new Service Center Director will need a vast array of experience in dealing with complex issues and problems while also serving as a manager to those around them. With the changes that have already occurred at UAA’s Information Technology Services, it is important that someone who is a familiar face step into this role. Mark is known as a person who goes out of his way to help others in need. He is a fair person who listens to all sides before making important decisions.

Mark also has an uncanny ability to predict issues before they occur. This has allowed in the past for solutions to be developed before any effect is realized to productivity for students and employees at UAA. It is easy to tell when someone loves what they do for a living. I believe Mark to be one of those individuals, which means that he will always take responsibility for serving UAA to the best of his ability and demand that those he manages do the same. I hope this letter gives the hiring committee further insight into why Mark Weisman would be a wise choice for this opportunity.”

___, Information and Communication Systems Director University of Alaska Anchorage

“I am writing to recommend Mark Weisman for the position of Director. As a remote campus IT supervisor I have had the pleasure of working with Mark during his time as Call Center Team Lead and his customer service skills never ceased to amaze me.

Mark will often reach out and offer to be the middle man to get a solution to a problem or mediate a large remote outage by keeping the lines of communication open between the university and the vendors involved. I value the ability to be able to reach out to Mark for solutions and input on many IT issues that arise. The written documentation I have received from Mark is also outstanding.

I believe Mark has tried to understand the unique IT needs of the remote campuses and has helped to meet these needs. He was instrumental in the creation of a Call Center Dashboard program that has allowed technicians at remote locations the ability to support their customers using the same tools that UAA’s Call Center technicians use.

With his customer service skills and dedication Mark will make a great Service Center Director. I have no doubts you will be exceptionally pleased if you hire him. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the above address.”

___________, IT Director (Kenai Peninsula College), University of Alaska Anchorage

“It is with great pleasure that I recommend Mark Weisman for the position of Director. I have worked with Mark in the UAA IT Services Call Center since the summer of 2006. During that time, I have seen the Call Center undergo a major transformation to become the robust, yet lean, the first point of contact and resolution for UAA students, staff, and faculty seeking assistance from the IT Services department. This change was realized through Mark’s hard work and determination to cooperate with other IT Services team leads to provide Call Center technicians the tools they need to assist the UAA community in the most efficient way possible.

Mark has fostered and nurtured the Call Center team’s potential, both realized and unrealized, to accept the responsibilities and duties to allow us to grow and become knowledgeable system administrators, network operations technicians, and technical support personnel. Additionally, he has always shown that he is there for us as both a supervisor and mentor, keeping our best interests in mind with every decision he makes as a team lead.

Over the past decade, I have learned the difference between a manager and a leader. A manager is someone who has people who work for them. A leader is someone who has people who follow them towards a vision of success. Mark Weisman has proven time and again that he is a leader, and I am confident he will continue to lead the IT Services Department towards great success for many years to come.”

_________________, Systems Engineer, University of Alaska Anchorage

“I am writing to recommend Mark Weisman for the position of Director. I have had the pleasure of working with Mark during his time here as the Call Center Lead at UAA since the spring of 2011. His tremendous leadership skills allow him to accomplish a goal that he sets out for this team. I currently work as the senior technician within the Call Center and this position allows me to work with Mark, so I fully understand his capabilities.

Mark has impeccable tenacity on trying to get resources made available for his team, during my time here and until now the Call Center has gone through major changes. We have taken new roles and responsibilities that allow our team to provide the best results to our customers, which would have not been made possible if Mark did not see the potential within this team to allow the growth within everyone.

Since I have worked with Mark as a second in command in the Call Center, it has been a learning experience seeing what that position takes to be sufficient and what it takes to excel. He allows me to speak my mind on conversations because it’s not a one-way street to make this place better. Sure he has a vision, though his vision doesn’t mean it’s the right way; which I really respect. Our conversations allow us to understand both aspects since not everyone thinks alike; which I think is really needed for a position higher.

With the leadership that he has shown during the time I have worked with him, I do believe he would make a great Director.”

_________________, Senior Network Administrator, University of Alaska Anchorage

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