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With a long history of providing a multitude of services within the physical security arena, I can work with clients to either: consult, or provide services to organizations or individuals with physical security needs. Bringing an in-depth understanding of the needs of an organization, I know how to match the need with the proper amount of personnel, and/or technical support to ensure the operation is successful.

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BioCyber Security

Who am I?

With a 20+ year history of teaching at multiple levels (corporate training, secondary & post-secondary formal, community) I can assist non-technical personnel to understand and work with technology. Working with existing teams in either: a collaborative, or turn-key, operational level, I can assist your organization in establishing safe practices to keep your virtual, and physical environment safe. Feel free to review my resume for more details. Maintaining the balance between personnel and technology is what makes the organization successful.

Technical Management

Computing Management

Having served in all levels of technical management, I bring a wealth of knowledge about the operations of technology, and its practitioners. Knowing how to manage the technology deployments, and assist team members in making the organization LEAN by utilizing the Six Sigma controls, I can bring the organization into alignment with the ITIL framework. Feel free to review my resume for more information about what I can offer your organization.

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