Skill Set Overview

The Difference is Finding the right People

Knowing what I know

I realize that you are looking for a specific candidate to fill the position. I have a vast skill set that will be of great benefit to any organization looking for someone who is easy to work with and can absolutely get things done. I pride myself on being able to focus well when under pressure and can guide personnel through the most challenging of scenarios with a "can-do" attitude. As you may have seen, I am a team person who can help any organization succeed. Again, I am comfortable with who I am, so I am easy to work with and enjoy working with diverse groups to accomplish greatness. I would like to consider myself a leader and enjoy the challenge of making a workflow successful.

Please find a list of my skill sets below, and feel free to review them. Then, let's set up a face-to-face meeting to discuss them in detail, and determine how I can best help your organization.

  • Peripheral Certifications

    • First-Aid / CPR / IED certified (not current)
    • EMT 1 Certified (not current)
    • CDL Class A (not current)
    • Educator (post-secondary)
    • Firearms Instructor (Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Personal Security) (not current)
    • Fire Management
      • Residential/Commercial Fire Fighting
      • Brush Fire (former Smoke Jumper (Arizona))
      • Refinery/Ship Fire Certified
      • Accident Extraction
      • Search & Rescue
    • Biological/Chemical/Explosives treatment and Management 
    • Ship/Boat Safe operation
      • Vessel navigation
      • Safe Operations
  • Closely Related Skillsets

    • Motor Vehicle / Motorcycle
      • Defensive/Offensive driving
      • Evasion & Escape driving techniques
      • High-Speed Driving
      • Large Vehicle Operation
        • Tractor-trailer combination
        • Busses
        • Large Cargo & Box Vans
        • Military vehicles 
        • Off-Road and all-terrain vehicle operation
    • System Administration (Apple, Unix, Linux, Windows)
    • Software Developer (Visual Basic, PHP, Perl, Python, C+, C++, HTML)
    • Digital Electronics Associate (Mobile technology, Satellite Communications, Fiber technician)
    • NRA Range Safety Officer (current)
    • Land Navigation
      • GPS Navigation
      • Map Navigation
    • Extron Visual Associate (design, and implementation)
    • Canine (K-9) medic, handler, and operator.
    • PADI open water SCUBA diver
    • Transportation Worker Certified (TWIC Card holder (current))


  • Personnel Management

    Understanding a multitude of environments has assisted me in forming my own management style. My management style is more "teammate", whereas we all work together for the desired outcome. Working with one of my key principles (Team Work), I've brought together vastly diverse teams across geographical distances to accomplish an organizational outcome. Using another principle (Rewards), I've come to understand that, while money is always good, it's not always the answer. Balancing the rewards against the corporative gains plays a part, but ensuring people are taken care of it critical to the overall success.

  • Resource Management

    Having worked in many different areas, with exposure to many more, I have been afforded the opportunity to witness some great leaders who taught me how to ensure that all the areas are covered. Having a clean listing of resources and tasks allow the management team to quickly "connect-the-dots" and ensure that the accountability for completion is identified.

  • Technical Management

    With a vast experience base in most aspects of technology, I have been given a great understanding of the technical aspects of business, and understand the resources necessary to accomplish the objective. Whether discussing desktop computer, cell phones, network servers, or interstate infrastructure, I've had exposure to it and understand how to ensure it stay running. Systemic backups and Disaster recovery, and systemic redundancy are some critical fields that I've served some time in.


  • Hardware Technician

    I have pretty much worked on every technology available, from hardware peripherals to system rebuilds (servers, workstations, laptops, and cellular technology). I am quite familiar with the major operating systems available (macOS, Windows, Linux, Unix) plus several others. I also have a vast experience base on infrastructure pieces (i.e., routers/switches, earth stations, substations, 5e phone switching technology, etc.). My cabling knowledge includes CAT3/5/6, COAX, Fibre, and 110/220 standards just to list a few. 

  • Database Construction and Management

    I have substantial experience dealing with ALL types of data sources, both the Internet and corporate levels. Whether working with transactional SQL with Microsoft products, interfacing into Oracle 8/9 databases, MySQL online usages, and many others. With the innate ability to massage the data into reporting metrics that can be used by management to further direct the organization. I've worked with many types of "desktop" type databases as well, Access, Filemaker Pro, as well as all the DBs (DB3, DB5) and their reporting mechanisms.

  • Application/Web Programming

    With a background of over 12 programming languages, I have enough knowledge to know the benefit of each, and when to utilize them. I have experience with the following:

    • Assembly language (Samsung, HP, ASUS, Magnavox, others)
    • C and C+
    • Visual Basic and Visual Studio
    • Python
    • Hypertext Markup
    • PHP
    • ASP and .Net
    • Database interfaces (Tiered, direct, Internet)
  • Access Control

    From both the technician, and the administrator levels, I've designed and implemented access control systems both in residential, and commercial applications. Familiar with door mechanisms with card readers, optic and fingerprint scanners, in addition to writing the policy and procedures for organizations to utilize the systems effectively. I've worked at deploying access control in emergency situations, and remote locations using modern supporting technology (solar panels for fingerprint readers) in Northern Alaska. Vast experience with several big names in access control (i.e., SoftwareHouse, Lenel, and others, etc.).

Security Operations

  • Patrol & Investigations

    Multiple decades of experience in all types of patrol on land, air, and sea. Have worked as both: armed, and unarmed positions in both: uniformed and plainclothes assignments. Performed video, and physical evidence investigations to include interviewing and forensics. I have worked primarily on land (standard patrol and investigation type operations), as well as maritime operations primarily throughout the Pacific theater. I have experience with both: teams and solo operations.

  • Canine Handling

    I have worked with and handled canines for a variety of purposes within the security role both: on land, and at sea. Able to work with canines for Drug detection, Human smuggling, weaponry and other contraband in a multitude of situations. I've worked with training them and working with them until retirement, and several are still living with me.

  • Design and Implemention

    Site planning, development, and implementation for all types of security activities for clients throughout the world. Designed both commercial and residential deployments, as well as developed action plans for transports. I developed full budget requests for organizations to utilize their funds appropriately.

  • Access Controls

    Designed, developed, and implemented a variety of access control systems for both residential and commercial deployment. Worked with the military, and law enforcement agencies to deploy customized, special-use access control systems for both: access control, and accountability reasons.

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