So, Pond Hockey late 2019 may have done it.

Last night, Fall of 2019 we skated for some clean, fun, pond hockey at UAA. Adorned in my Warrior “fortress” goal pads and new edges on my skates, we went out to have fun. Unfortunely I got a little behind getting to the rink, so my dress out period was shorter than it should have been. With the new goal pads, I should have ensured that I had extra time to validate the configuration of straps (particularly given the fact that the Warrior Fortress pads have velcrov straps across the calves, which my Vaughn’s don’t). When I return to the ice, I will need to ensure that I correct the configuration of the lower goal pads by keeping my velcrov straps as loose as possible.

Ultimately, late in the third period, I faced, yet another, 3 on 1 situation. As I came out to challenge the puck carrier skating down on my left, I floated back waiting for the shot. Seeing the puck come off the stick low, I dropped into a tight butterfly. My momentum still moving me backwards, I attempted to flare my knees as I dropped down in the butterfly. My left goal pad caught the pipe on the net. In super slow motion, my momentum continued to carry me backwards, and with the inability to flare my knees, I fell over backwards pinning my knees beneath me until my helmet impacted the ice. At which time, my knees were released and came loose. The intense pain on the inside of both knees kept me on the ice for several minutes. As my teammates removed my left goal pad (the leg with more pain), I found my knees unable to pick up the remainder of my leg.

This morning (the morning after), both of my knees are very stiff, and very painful. I find that I am incapable of putting any weight on either knee when its in flex. I am able to walk stiff-legged (like a zombie), but even then, there is a tenderness on the inside portions of both knees. So there’s a thing. I will continue to monitor it and attempt to lightly exercise them in hopes of getting back on the ice soon.

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