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We have covered how I arrived at my current belief system, and why I will continue to find my path, with the help of the spirits around me. To better understand my teachings, one must first let go of mainstream religion and understand that our "Creator" has knowledge and wisdom beyond what our human minds can ever comprehend. To this point, let me express my beliefs in an image.

In the image (to the left), there are several phases of our lives. The first is the Creation phase. During this phase, the Creator creates a collection of energies that are then granted a consciousness. While there may be a collection of experiences (with knowledge) the application of said experiences, and therefore the associated wisdom needs to be acquired from the next phase.

During the next phase, the Physical Lifetime phase, we apply our knowledge to different experiences that intersect with our existence. It is these experiences that build our wisdom. The physical lifetime phase begins with our human form conception and terminates with our biological death. During our Physical Lifetime, we interact with hundreds of thousands of spirits of all lifeforms.

  • The Creator (the Master Spirit in charge of creating all the others)
  • Animals (both: wild, and domesticated)
  • Humans (our ancestors who have moved beyond the physical self)
  • Fauna (Trees, grass, flowers, other plants)
  • Lands (Mountains, Seas, Lands)

All of these spirits interact with us in much the same way that we interact with each other. Being able to "still" the mind to be able to really listen to these spirits is a skill set that is necessary to live in harmony with the Earth and each other.

Finally, we reach the Spiritual phase of our lives. Once the biological body ceases to function, we exit the shell of the biological unit and join our ancestors within the surrounding spaces. Once we depart our physical bodies, our spirits have been given the wisdom of living, we can offer that wisdom to those who still reside within their biological bodies and seek our unique wisdom.

I believe that my function is that of fostering communications between the inhabitants of their physical form, and those who have left that behind. As a practitioner of my theology, my responsibility is to seek harmony with my environment, and those spirits within it. There are many benefits that can be gained from our ancestors, however, the greatest gift they offer is the wisdom that they gained when they walked upon Mother Earth.

My responsibility as a practicing Eastern Beringian Shaman is to help followers learn to listen to the appropriate spirits to help guide them in their lifetimes to achieve the purpose. There are hundreds of millions of spirits that surround us each day, and knowing which spirit to communicate with, regarding specific challenges in our lives, maybe quite challenging. It is through the ancient teachings that can help communicate with the right spirits at the right time to accomplish what is needing to be learned. In addition, there are some spirits who left something undone in their lifetimes, and therefore, as a Shaman, I help foster the completion of those tasks, allowing the spirit to find peace and balance. I teach my followers to understand the pain of the earth, the sky, and the great oceans, and to utilize their specific skills to help heal the wounds left by those who have no mercy for what they destroy.

Throughout the history of humankind, there were those who have chosen to not accept their "spiritual self" following the loss of their physical lifetime, and therefore, while there are still millions of spirits, not every physical lifeform chose the path of spirituality. These individuals may choose a multitude of paths following their lifetimes on earth. Some are also guided by the Creator to transition into another physical life form because of the lack of learning the lessons of that lifetime. This situation could result in rebirth as another human, or another lifeform altogether, depending on the needed wisdom.

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