Staying the course

As I begin this journey to a much smaller me, I am reminded of the critical keys to success, consistency. In this modern-day world of hurry-up and get it done, we can be quick to find reasons that we don’t engage in our exercise on a particular ulnar night.

During my last journey, I remember where I walked through snow, rain, and bitter cold to burn the needed calories for that day. I didn’t let anything come between me and my required exercise. It was what made that journey as successful as it was. Ultimately arriving at running three miles a night, and walking for two nights. Week after week.

I believe that we all have slow burns happening throughout our days, then the bursts of high burn only adds so much. I think the slower, consistent burns are the path to success. While the runs (high burns) do burn calories, it is simply sloshing the tank and not draining it.

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