The path forward.

In my quest to lose and maintain my weight, I have had to make several adjustments to my normal life. While none of them are truly “fun”, the understanding that they are necessary is the underlying motivation. These tasks, while some may consider them bothersome, have had to become an engrained part of my new lifestyle.

A substantial part of my last endeavor to lose weight, which resulted in losing over 110 pounds, was the constant logging of all my food. This can be tedious, however, the challenge of maintaining proper portion sizes, and daily caloric intake never locked into my psyche. This time I tend to make it part of who I am, diligently tracking everything. It really comes down to knowing your own eating habits, to be able to modify as necessary.

“I am more than willing to fight a constant uphill battle, rather than be fat” -AgedAKGoalie

So, how does one make logging every morsel enjoyable? There are several tricks that use to manipulate my personal psyche here.

  1. Make it into a game where the lowest score wins, but yet still feels content with the food. I try to go to bed each night with a remaining number of calories available. More about this in a minute.
  2. Be absolutely honest about the number of calories one ingests during the day. This allows me to feel like I’ve actually accomplished something… if nothing else, I learn where my challenges are.

Some more of my tricks are to consume the right kind of calories.

  • Eating foods that contain more water allows me to feel fuller after each meal.
  • Focus diligently on ensuring that my serving sizes are accurate. This ensures I can make better food choices for the remainder of the day.

Finally, some last tips that I can offer:

  • Consuming the bulk of my daily calories early in the day, this allows my body to begin digestion earlier, thereby allowing my overnight to work on burning off fat instead of using that energy for digestion.
  • Exercising (walking) the last thing at night allows me to burn more fat for the scale in the morning.
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