The struggle is unrelenting.

For those of us who struggle to lose, or maintain our weight, every day is a struggle to monitor and maintain daily calories. While the focus of reducing input calories is fairly easy, the “back-lash” of the mind can be as powerful as any drug addiction. If our mind believes that we are “shorting” ourselves, or taking something away, our minds may create an incredibly powerful desire to balance things out. This desire will be unrelenting. How do we combat this unrelenting desire to ingest more calories? Ultimately, there are two methods that I have found some level of success with.

  • The first is to use rational thought. This is where I convince myself that the recognized imbalance is necessary to reduce my body weight or be more healthy. I find that this method of mental control is subject to other senses (smelling something tasty, boredom begat mindless munching). Another point here is that this method only works for a shorter time period, one can not “sit around” for long periods of time.
  • The second is the “distraction” method. This is where I fully engage myself in other activities to preoccupy my mind. The more completely I focus my mind on other tasks the easier it is to avoid. Optimally, when I distract my mind from eating, I physically remove myself from the temptation by being further away. As an example, if I am out in the back yard getting chores done, I am further away from the food sources and the temptation. The byproduct of this method is that by exercising (moving around) I am actually burning additional calories, which, in turn, burns more fat.

By implementing different methods at different times, I find that I can enjoy a little more success in maintaining a caloric intake value that is more conducive of success. However, in some cases these defined methods lead to my next obstacle, serving size.

This is where I, and most Americans, run into a serious obstacle for maintaining our weight. I would say (without too much reservation) that 90% of Americans have never read the nutrition labels on the products they eat, and more dangerously, eat out at restaurants more frequently where the nutrition information is not readily available. This is a HUGE obstacle in the fight to maintain, or lose weight. How can we average folks conquer this obstacle?

I chose to measure my servings. This is accomplished by first, determining what a serving size is, then using a measuring device (measuring cups, spoons, or a scale) I ensure that I measure each food type at least once. After performing an initial measurement, I then use the old “Kentucky windage” method afterward. This ensures that at least, I have a good understanding of how much I have been served.

While these suggestions are not the entirety of the needs to lose weight, they will put us on the right track for success. The major assistance we can hope to acquire is the inclusion of a level of physical exercise. While the exercise does not have to include a gym membership or running a 5K, the amount of weight loss from simply walking will amaze you. The idea is to include some level of movement.

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