Turning on the healthy choices.

Hello, and thanks for tuning into our other project here at the Alaskan Outlaw, that’s right, AgedAKGoalie. The blog and videography project that kind of launched it all for us here at Alaska Outlaw. While the video project is on hold temporarily due to the pandemic (and other factors), I am using the opportunity to change directions on my body’s health. Taking several ideas and blending them together to hopefully inspire others to do the same. As mentioned in our intro, I am a 54+-year-old grandpa who took up the game of ice hockey at the age of 40 and determined that it was so much fun, I had to do more. As luck would have it I got fairly ambitious and became an on-ice official where after 3 years I took a slap shot to the lower back ending my time on the ice. After a decade off the ice, I returned after losing over 100 pounds with diet and light exercise. This stint lasted until the arrival of COVID-19 here in south-central Alaska.

Well, here we go again. Today I began to reintroduce exercise into my normal routines. Starting with three days a week, the goal will be to walk away about 30 pounds, so I can implement a jog. So, as I said we are back underway to weight loss.

I have limited my overall diet to less than 2100 calories, calculated on a daily basis. When I set this calorie limit, I recognize any exercise completed as potential additional calorie intake. Most of this mission comes down to managing willpower, mentally challenging myself to stay within a caloric budget, while slowly increasing my level of exercise.

Starting off slowly, I have begun walking again. Last night we started off with a 30 minute, 1.5 mile walk, with my trusty canine. Tonight, we’ll do some of it again as we (my canine and I) watch my youngest practice soccer. This will be followed by another 1.5 mile walk the following day. My goal is 1.5 miles three days a week, building the pace as we go.

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