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The Aged Alaskan Goalie is where it all began for us here at the Alaskan Outlaw. Filming the host playing as an aged ice-hockey goaltender in the beer-leagues of South Central Alaska. We owe everything to these humble beginnings, See some additional information at:

Filming the World Around Me

Whether we are discussing fully staged, rehearsed movie productions for advertising or marketing reasons, or scripted interviews/depositions for legal reasons. I have the experience and understanding to make a professional presentation. In addition, I have a vast experience in setting up for “live” events to include sporting events, concerts, and public presentations. I have worked diligently at integrating still photography into my video productions. My video production skills include:

  • Keepsake purposes
  • Legal purposes
  • Advertising/Marketing purposes
  • Entertainment purposes

I focus most of my time and energy on my four major video projects.

  • AAG-Friends is a weekly published YouTube video series that documents a weekly pickup hockey game here in Anchorage, Alaska. It is constructed for the participants to demonstrate their skills and involvement with their friends and family.
  • AAG-MotoVid is a monthly published YouTube video series that documents a 54-year-old hockey goalie here in Anchorage. Typically stitched together from footage gathered in the weekly pickup games, it also includes some interview footage as well.
  • Road Noise is a periodically published YouTube series that documents the travels that my wife and I enjoy on our Harley Davidson motorcycle while we see this great State.
  • Fun under the Midnight Sun is a periodic piece I publish on YouTube about other events that my kids, grandkids, and my wife and I, enjoy throughout the year.

Aged AK Goalie


As a videographer/photographer I have gained a substantial amount of skill using many different video/photo editors. From your standard-issue photo editor (MS Paint) to:

  • Adobe Photoshop (CS6)
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle
  • Movie Edit Pro Video Editor
  • Google editing suite
  • YouTube editing suite
  • And many others

After working to enhance my abilities on the ice rink, filming my adult hockey games, I've begun to film & edit my son's soccer games. Primarily working with video production, I've begun to inject some still photos in the final rendering. Constructing specialized camera protection equipment for filming has become a part of this endeavor.

YouTube Video collection View Productions Online

I also have substantial experience in setting up the video configuration and interviewing criminal suspects, and witnesses, to include the monitoring of micro-expression manipulation.

See my online motivational videos here. (More to come)


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