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Published 30 June 2021

Tonight is the long awaited introduction to our second season here at the Alaska Outlaw podcast. Throughout the last year we’ve covered many different topics, and found  several themes that emerged throughout the year. A year of informative podcasts to look back upon, I want to look at these threads and hopefully shed some more light on those themes. First and foremost, I want to sincerely thank each of you for following us, and hope that our second year will be just as fun, and educational as the first one was. The key that has hopefully been underscored throughout the many shows is that each of us have the power to get and stay safe and secure. We know that survival is a 90% mental exercise, and 10% conscious action steps. As we witnessed the many dynamic events unfold before our eyes, creating carnage and terror in our everyday lives throughout last, and the early part of this year, we know that our knowledge and skills will be called upon to get us out safe. Armed with knowledge of the proper steps, we can make our opportunity for success that much more possible. 

Greetings to all my friends (both new and old), to my wonderful family, my fellow Alaskans, and my fellow Americans, wherever you are. Welcome to the Alaska Outlaw podcast, I am the Alaska Outlaw, thank you so much for joining me as we power forward into a second season!! I want to personally thank each and every one of you for helping us to produce this message of hope and survival. We are so excited and look forward to bringing more messages of survival techniques and steps that each of us can take to keep ourselves and our families safe and secure. On our schedule we have placed an except about the topic that you can reference when contacting us with any questions about upcoming shows.

But, before we get after it today, I’d like to make sure that, for those of you who seek peace and harmony, or hep in making sense of life, be sure to check out the Alaska Outlaw Forn-sidr podcast at http://forn-sidr.akoutlaw.com. After 30 years of spiritual searching and discovery, I have arrived home. Home to the ideology of of my ancestors. Home of a proud Germanic-Dane heritage. Some good stuff for you there. Also, another second just to give a shout-out for our sponsors and affiliates:

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I guess another point I should make here is that I’ve tried very hard to curb all the fear-monger in and stick to my experiences , and understandings I’ve gathered from over 30 years in the emergency response industry. While fear can certainly play a positive role in training exercises, it is only my desire to ensure you, the listeners understand the gravity of being prepared. With no further ado, let’s get after it.

We started things off discussing how to decipher the news, and that remained one of the constant threads throughout the whole first season. We attempted to help folks understand the impact that the media, especially social media, had on the misinformation distributed far and wide.

  • Deciphering the news - episode 062520 June 25th, 2020

Next we moved on to another common thread that we’ll revisit time and time again, an that was the perceived attacks against our (the American people) civil liberties and freedoms. While much of it was founded in misinformation, none the less understand the legal ramifications that the pandemic brought to the forefront was important. We revisit the attack of freedoms throughout the first season.

  • Individual Freedoms vs. Pandemic (mandatory masks) July 1st, 2020

By this time in 2020, many of my fellow Americans were beginning to crack under the pressure of repeated lockdowns, with no promise of relief in sight. For parts of the year we witnessed the ugly parts of the human existence, as many (on both sides of the legal system) blamed the other, while common Americans found themselves trapped between the ideologies. This was an opinion piece of mine, and where I saw the country heading back in July of 2020.

  • Outlaw Thoughts - How far has America fallen? July 8th, 2020

After venturing off the path for an opinion piece, I re-centered back on what I’ve done my whole life, and that was security. By getting back to my roots, I was able to help people understand that ultimately, one’s personal security begins with themselves. By understanding some basic principles of personal security, the idea was that we would begin to empower society against the criminal elements that always seem to find themselves a way into (even the most diligently protected) communities.

  • Back to my roots, personal security. July 15th, 2020

By the end of July we witnessed the call for defunding police departments throughout the nation, however what many didn’t consider was that each community made the department the way it was. By surrendering more and more responsibility for policing activities, agencies had to more inclusive of their responsibilities, and this resulted in law enforcement being somewhat over-zealous in their application of those actions. This in-turn created a vicious cycle that led to the unfortunate deaths of wonderful people.

  • Ramification of defunding the police. July 22nd, 2020

After realizing the lack of societal responsibilities of policing actions extending to the highest level of law enforcement, it then became questionable as to how exactly can the citizens of the United States turn the ship around. In this piece I disclosed that it starts by starting small and securing our own back yard. From there we step forward with the power of the vote to effect changes within our communities, states, and ultimately our country. We also discussed the reality of what this would mean to each of us. Hard choices we would have to make. 

  • Securing the nation during a pandemic. July 29th, 2020

As I mentioned earlier, we would see this topic surface again and again. While our nation is founded on the idea that you should be free to your own opinion, many have forgotten to provide the audience the opportunity to validate the information. Instead many have accepted these opinions as facts, which has led to a population of misinformed citizens who are unable to validate the information.

  • Our greatest societal threat, misinformation. August 5th, 2020

Again, going back to another of the long-standing themes that appear throughout this season, this is another case of attacking the freedoms of the citizens. This piece also speaks to determining where the boundaries exist between individual’s personal freedoms. Where does your right to expressing your grievance against the government end, and my right to try and build a better life for my family by starting and running a business that was burned to the ground during the social unrest throughout the nation during the summer of 2020.

  • What is Freedom? What about the pursuit of happiness? August 12th, 2020

Returning again to my long tenure in security work, I began to look at the many ways that the ugly head of terrorism raises here within our border. We talked about steps that each of us could take to remedy the situation, and again we talked about starting with our own back yard first, then working out from there. It was during this piece that we also put a face to what terrorism really is, and where it starts. I think we identified ways to ensure it didn’t happen, by taking away the overall objective, control be fear.

  • Combating terrorism inside the United States border. August 19th, 2020

Another opinion piece of mine as I found myself getting mired down in the drama unfolding throughout the country during the darker days of social unrest, and those dimly lit days of the pandemic. With only promises of a vaccine, and a return to normalcy most Americans were dangerously low on patience and tolerance. My opinion was that we were becoming so fractured, as a people that I had deep concerns if we would be able to reconsolidate after the fires burned down.

  • Opinion time. What were we thinking? August 28th, 2020

Again returning to my wheelhouse, here we talked about the advantage of having a written action plan that all members of the household could adopt and get into fairly quickly. We broached the idea of losing one’s mind when under duress due to the chemicals within the human body. It was here that we paid homage to that written plan that included as much as necessary, but yet having cue cards to get us through those first couple minutes.

  • Discussing your personal safety plan. September 2nd, 2020

Returning to a main theme for the first season, we talked about how the responsibility for data Che king really rested with us the readers, and how it should be our responsibility as to reader to do some level of fact checking on information received, regardless of the source. We discussed some tips as to how we can go about making sure the data received is validated.

  • Reality Check. Staying sane with today's media. September 9th, 2020

This was my first “recommended” show that a listener thought would benefit others, and benefit it did. We talked about the requirements of owning a firearm, and discussed the idea that it was no different than a hammer or screwdriver. Just another tool in the old toolbox to help mitigate threats, or feed the family if necessary. We covered it at a pretty high level, due to the different states and countries treating them very differently. Hopefully those who got this researched it and discovered what was the legal requirements where they were.

  • I bought my first firearm. Now what? September 16th, 2020

This was an adventure spanning a couple different areas, primarily how humankind come to form communities and society as a whole. Of course an opinion piece, I put my own spin on it, but I felt that it was important that people understood why society existed in hopes of curbing the mass violence that continues (even) today. We talked about why people chose to be in a community, and brought up the idea that, if you didn’t like where you were, move.

  • Outlaw Thoughts - What is society? September 23rd, 2020

Ah yes, traveling down memory lane. Thinking and talking about the A&E show “Doomsday Preppers” and pondering where it went. Not as much as the show itself, but the public facing images we all grew up with. Like an old, weird friend, we searched the gun shops, trade shows, and ultimately Wal-Mart looking for the camo clad imaginary warriors awaiting doomsday with a slight expectation. We also discovered that they are still around, just not nearly as visible as they once were.

  • Prepping. Where did it go? September 30th, 2020

The number one downloaded show in the first season. This where we outlined how to move safely between to points. We introduced many different high-value security principles to everyday applications. Outlined some basic ideas to getting and keeping ourselves safe while being out and about. This show produced the product of over 30 years in the security industry. It provides a step-by-step guide how to move safety between two points, as well as things to always keep in mind while moving.

  • Safety in Numbers. Avoiding unnecessary risks. October 7th, 2020

For us here in Anchorage Alaska, this is the first major lockdown, so many of the grocery chains were broken, although only temporarily, it gave many people quite a shock to see how fragile the supply chains could be, especially given the hoarder mentality that comes out in humans whenever faced with a disaster (of sorts). This was the defining the supply chain from beginning to end, and looking at the threats at each milestone in the chain.

  • Supply lines in America. October 14th, 2020

This was the first of stealing some ideas from our Forn sidr show and producing a positive mindset which includes winning at all costs. We addressed the mental fortitude necessary to be successful in surviving anything that came at you. We also talked about survival being more of a mental game rather than a physical, or a resource requirements.

  • Survival mindset. Being ready to win. October 21st, 2020

This was another opinion piece that challenged our status quo thinking, and hopefully nudged us toward paying closer attention the system, as it stands now to determine the best way to help make things better for the next generations. Hopefully this made us think about how things are accepted now, and begin our thoughts to changing that.

  • Outlaw Thoughts - Are you awake Americans? October 28th, 2020

Revisiting the idea of surviving a Holocaust, or large scale disaster, this further expanded our understanding about the technologies used everyday, and the future need for that technology. It brought ideas about older technology that may see new life as we go forward through a large scale scenario where we have to function without the use of electricity.

  • Loss of Technology. Going back in time to go forward to the future. November 4th, 2020

Again, we revisited the necessary survival skills needed to better equip people with the chances of coming out on top. The idea here was to identify the basics, so that individuals could have an idea of where to start getting the knowledge they needed to be successful when the big show came to town. Identifying those skills to ensure that we covered our fab-five for both ourselves, and our families.

  • Bare naked necessary skills. What must be maintained? November 11th, 2020

This was another introduction to the mental preparation necessary to increase the chances of successful survival. However, the most powerful force in nature is a team, so getting the whole family involved in the prep was an elemental key to successfully navigating a natural, or man-made disaster. This episode also included some bullet points to assist in convincing a family member of the value of being prepared.

  • How-to Survive. A guide to getting the whole family involved. November 18th, 2020

This episode represented some of my frustration of watching supposed “experts” disregarding the basic principles of safety, and more often than not, losing. Yet, teaching the exact opposite, and then demonstrating unnecessary risks. It is ridicules to take risks when engaged in any type of survival exercise. Hopefully this episode helped you to see what the unnecessary risks were, and explained how to avoid them. 

  • Mitigating unnecessary risks. November 25th, 2020

Another notch in the psychological playbook, we again revisited methods of navigating through all the misinformation available in the public arena. We continued to talk about those first critical minutes following a substantial event. We identified ways to create “life hacks” that could foster clear steps toward survival.

  • The Mental Balance. Staying sane in these modern times. December 2nd, 2020

Shout out to Josh Cropper and his HPR Working dogs for joining us to talk about including our pets into our emergency plan. We discussed some diet ideas to assist your pets in being better suited to thrive during a catastrophe. We also covered a high-level idea about performing some basic first aid on your pet.

  • Canine First-aid and field Care. December 9th, 2020

Huge shout out to the Chief Medical Officer for the State of Alaska, Dr. Anne Zink for joining us to talk about keeping our respiratory safe given the possible challenges that may occur during or after a natural disaster. We also spoke of the details about the COVID infection, and some ideas to keep ourselves safe. 

  • Air Safety, infection potential in the air we breathe. December 16th, 2020

This leads us up to the end of the calendar year, and up to bidding good riddance to 2020. A challenging year from a mental health perspective, as well as many of us fell on some pretty serious financially hard times as the service industry plummeted to all time lows for employment needs. Many individuals decided to stay home, in lieu of heading out to dinner, or visiting friends. Many cities deployed lockdowns, leaving streets and storefronts devoid of people at all. But, like every year, the promise and hope surged with the idea of 2021 changing the nation’s direction.

After kicking off 20211 with the idea df continuing our preparing for the apocalypse, we continued the thread by wondering where we need to start in becoming prepared. We talked about some of the major myths involved with preparing ourselves for doomsday, whatever that may look like.

  • Doomsday Prepping 101. January 13th, 2021

Next up, we continued to hear the stories circulating through the various news circles, both mainstream media, and social media as well about the brutality of law enforcement agencies. We have repeatedly head for the defunding of police departments, and discharge of police officers. Yet we really needed to ask ourselves the obvious question.

  • Why do we blame public safety? January 20th, 2021

As we continued to witness the increase of new friends and followers to the podcast, I recirculated the idea about starting from the basic ideas of survival. Just as importantly we revisited the concept of the “fab five” ensuring that we saw the most basic necessities of survival. For our longer term followers, this was a review of these basic ideas.

  • Let's talk about Survival, from the beginning. January 27th, 2021

Mainstream and social media continued to promote the idea of segregating citizens based on a myriad of factors. They promoted the in-fighting of Americans against each other to promote their own ratings and advertising. A rather sick mental exercise to perform against average citizens. The ultimate plan of keeping us segregated was far better for their ratings.

  • Is this Nation really that Divided? A look into the plan to keep us separated. February 2nd, 2021

Some of the basic needs when it comes to any type of field operation is first aid. Being able to keep your friends and family safe and healthy for as long as possible rose again in its importance in the overall zombie apocalypse survival agenda. In discussing basic first aid, we also needed a conversation as to what were going to be the most plausible injuries incurred by survivors.

  • Potential injuries of the Zombie apocalypse. February 10th, 2021

As the vaccines became more and more available across the nations, we began to see the shift to getting back with friends and extended family members. This piece began to look at some fundamental culture adaptions that Americans would embrace as we emerged from the pandemic.

  • Fundamental changes of the American culture. Recovering from a pandemic. February 17th, 2021

One of the most numerous questions I’m asked, even by my own wife sometimes is why are these evil events keep happening. This led me to draw on some past experiences working with those individuals who committed heinous acts of violence on others. It was this sentiment that I hoped to pass on to all of you.

  • Speaking about the Evil of the human condition. February 24, 2021

Drawing a clear-cut line between actual intelligence and a conspiracy cooked up by those interested in unsettling the status-quo. Being able to dig through the rhetoric and getting to the actual data, the deciphering it in such a way to assist in seeing the real picture emerge.

  • Intel versus Conspiracies in today's world. March 3rd, 2021

After having many conversations with younger listeners who had never had any real-world experience in actual survivor scenarios who presented the argument that their gaming experience could carry them through a zombie apocalypse we had to look into it. Although their experience would be great for playing video games, not so much for real live survival conditions.

  • Video game players. Are they really prepared for the apocalypse? March 17th, 2021

In this episode we talked about weaponry being engineered throughout time, moving us further away from those days of creating on the move. As gunpowder and small caps became the necessity to send the projectile down-range, we reduce our weaponized defense in the longer term.

  • Weaponry through the ages. March 24th, 2021

This episode allowed me to vent about those individuals who choose suicide by cop, while wrecking the sanctity of the community in which they choose to enact their heinous, unconscionable acts. My frustration was with people not having enough concern about the community in which they live to enact their crime

  • Choosing to live in a community. March 31st, 2021

Getting back to the roots of being prepared, we talked about the action steps necessary to survive a natural disaster. We looked at the actual steps that we need to accomplish during, and following, a localized natural disaster. This was putting the rubber on the rad.

  • Rubber on the road, preparing for a natural disaster. April 7th, 2021

Probably our number two downloaded show after “safety by the numbers”, we talked about the actual steps to building our security plan, as well as some of the needs that need to be considered within our dynamic zone. Hopefully we gave some insight as to how to put together a detailed plan of getting and staying safe.

  • Creating a personal security plan. April 14th, 2021

After discussing this topic with several of you, it sparked some thoughts about what could cause a naturally occurring EMP to wreak havoc of the country, and society as a whole. However, we talked about the extent of the damage that could be caused by multiple sources, both natural, or not.

  • Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP). Its impact on Society. April 21st, 2021

As I’ve kept pace with the news organizations blaring their ridicules rhetoric, and our small town mayor (elected here in Anchorage), I realized that there are a substantial number of anti-society groups that really don’t have a clue what their babbling about.

  • Outlaw Thoughts. The Anarchy doctrine, a fool's errand. April 28th, 2021

Mixing things up, we discussed some of the differences that surviving would look like depending on the environment. To that end, we discussed the major differences between the urban, larger cities, and the rural communities throughout the country. We looked at the difference in needs between these influential environments and outlined some plans accordingly.

  • Survival strategies: Urban versus Rural settings. May 5th, 2021

After getting all types of concerns and brags about using weapons in a defensive scenario, I concluded that we needed to talk about defense without weapons. Both from a personal, and residential perspective.

  • Non-Weaponized Defensive posturing. May 12th, 2021

This opened, even my eyes to some newer tech that has come to market for obtaining, and generating alternative energy. Most of the tech we covered involved residential installations, and quite possibly eliminate our need for the power grid.

  • Alternative power sources. May 18th, 2021

As our families have spread throughout the globe, necessary, long-range communications technology needs to be evaluated for its possible need following a large scale event. We see time and time again where the communications grid deadlocks following a large event.

  • Necessary communications after a total societal implosion. May 26th, 2021

Returning back to a subject near and dear to my heart, we addressed the constant threat that the US power grid faces each day, and discussed the real world potential from seeing a replay of the issue that happened in Texas in the winter of 2020. Identifying the potential of the reality of any of the threats we identified this week.

  • Without the grid. Retaining our Basic Utilities. June 2nd, 2021

This goes to the story about the differences between text book versus street smarts. We discussed capturing someone else’s plan, or enjoying the knowledge of developing our own plan for the ground for our unique situations. This kind of revisited the idea of getting that plan written down.

  • Survival instincts vs. real strategies. June 9th 2021

Finally, we revisited the idea of misinformation being transferred throughout the internet in the form of doomsday theories. Mixing into that discussion was the idea that we always prepared ourselves for worst case scenarios in hopes that we’ll never need all that.

  • Conspiracy theories. Training for the worst. June 16th 2021

Throughout the year we have seen where the themes we talked about at the beginning of the show are reoccurring throughout. This tells me that ultimately, the truth can be found in the themes that developed. The question is, what are you going to change in your lives, and your preparedness plans to adapt for those threats to your success.

  1. Being prepared both mentally and physically for worst-case scenarios.
  2. Being prepared came down to a few steps executed correctly.
  3. Accurate information was a little more challenging to come by.
  4. There are many unexpected challenges that may face us.
  5. There are many people out there that want us to fail.

It has been an exciting year, and we’re really looking forward to this new season. We hope that you’ll continue to join us and help us gather relevant information to better prepare you for whatever Mother Nature throws at us.

As always my friends, I am humbled that you have taken the time to spend with us. I hope I have given you some food for thought that you consider ensuring that your individual response plans are adaptable, in your overall survival plan. By focusing our energies and resources on the basic principles of survival, we can better set up ourselves for success. Remember, be safe out there, keep your head on a swivel…. Peace.

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