You have to walk before you run.

Those of us who have become overweight, or out of shape should consider this greatly. Having lost a substantial amount of weight several years ago, I have slipped back into my previous habits and allowed myself to capture most of the weight back. However, having said that, I can say that I have returned the ship to its original course and am on my way to a healthier version of me again. Along the first journey. I learned a substantial amount about how my body handled the loss of over 117 pounds.

As my story will begin, I had relaxed all my standards and had slowly built my daily caloric intake to unhealthy levels. With the aged excuse of being too busy to exercise, I found myself tipping the scales at just over three hundred pounds. I searched all over for a silver bullet, and tried a multitude of things to include patches and pills of all kinds. However, as luck would have it, I instead, adopted a dog. Not just any dog. A German shepherd who needed to be exercised regularly. This adoption began an eighteen month process that would ultimately involve two other dogs, and willpower I didn’t think I had in me.

At the time I may have weighed over three hundred pounds, I was just a fraction under six feet. This gave me a stride of about 24 – 26 inches which meant I could cover ground fairly quickly if I used my whole stride. While I knew running would burn those calories quickly, my ankles, knees, hips, and heart (at the time) begged me to consider other options, and consider I did. I decided to start a walking program that would ultimately lead to walking three and a half miles a day, five days a week.

My first endeavor with walking carried me about 300 yards before having to take a break, on my way to walking off most of my extra weight. It was during this time that I discovered the miracle of walking. A miracle because it can create a substantial weight loss all by itself. While yes, running burns more calories, even walking the dog burned off the calories. As mentioned everywhere else, speed and distance would accelerate the weight loss process. I continued to walk until I had lost over fifty pounds where I began to run. In much the same fashion, I started slowly and steadily built the distance, and speed. Did I mention this process took over 18 months to complete? Which means that I walked in the rain, snow, and bitter cold. Sometimes with a multitude of layers of clothing on, sometimes just shorts and a T-shirt. I think the key ingredient was the consistency.

The consistency was not only for the exercise, but maintaining a caloric intake that allowed me to lose substantial amount of weight without causing more damage to my lower extremities. This combination allowed me to accomplish my goal within a fairly short amount of time.

Please stay tuned as we get back on the horse and attempt to recreate this success using the same process, although this voyage will be even more gradual because I am allowing more calories per day. More to come.

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