The Alaska Outlaws Society is based on the idea that I am a non-traditional counseling service that offers people real solutions at a portion of the cost. This non-traditional stance, in antiquity meant that many, my ancestors included, were outlawed because of their beliefs. Not because they were engaging in human sacrifice, or anything so different, simply because they chose to not associate with the “up-and-coming” monotheistic practices. We were outlawed, and many were hunted down and executed, or forcefully assimilated into the general population of the time, with the constant threat of “conform or die”. Times have changed, and many have discovered that by going back to these beliefs of antiquity, we find a simplistic truth exists. This truth brings peace, kindness, harmony, and most importantly, love. However, we were, and many still do, consider us outlaws.

My name is Mark Weisman, and I am a Celtic-Norse Shaman here in southcentral Alaska. A proud 3rd generation American Dane. As a certified counseling practitioner and spiritual counselor, I offer a non-traditional psychological counseling opportunity to reclaim one’s appeal for happiness and joy. I have worked with hundreds throughout the world, I have developed several potential solutions that can help alleviate the anxiety or depression associated with the hurry-up, deadline driven, modern-day world we live in to obtain a harmony within the mind and peace in the soul.

As a spiritual counselor and psychological empath, I have studied the emotional carnage left behind during the, over 2000 years of religious conquest, and have finally found my spiritual home within the ancestry I call mine of northern Denmark, just as importantly, I’ve discovered the key to managing our emotional energies. Not just a spiritual way of looking at something, but a deep understanding of the spiritual energies that move throughout our existence that interact with our everyday psychology.

As a registered Shaman, Doctor, and Druid, I have discovered my spiritual core and applied it to every portion of my human existence. By doing so, I have discovered ways to convert this ancient wisdom and understandings to practical, everyday steps you can use to create your own space of peace and joy. I teach methods of understanding the energy transmissions that you receive and how to manage them for a happier life.

With a bachelor’s degree in occupational education, I assist in building “living” mechanisms for individuals to begin a personal journey back to where they were content, back within their minds to the place before a traumatic event occurred. This process of building these mechanisms, allows individuals the opportunity to grow through their traumatic event with knowledge and understanding as to why everything happened the way it did.

Stop thinking “inside the box” as you were never designed to be in a box until the very end, now is a time to get outside that box and find that which will fulfill you, giving you hope and joy. Take a minute and schedule some time with me, and I’ll get you connected to an individual who has a much higher calling to provide a path for you to discover your true happiness and contentment.

We are seeking to secure our 501(c)3 status from the U.S. Government Internal Revenue Service within fiscal year 2024, so that your donations will be tax-deductible.

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