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The Alaska Outlaws Society is a group of non-traditional practicing monks, priests, druids, medicine men, shamans, and others who understand the ebb and flow of the universal energies and their effects on modern-day mental health and our general psychology. Working with many people, in many different walks of life, that offer us the opportunity to grow through the struggles one is experiencing in this present to discover the rest of our existence filled with harmony, joy and peace. Our teachers offer many different cultural customs and traditions of antiquity to bring forward an understanding of the effects that these energies can have on our mental health regardless of if we subscribe to a religious doctrine or not. Our program offers a simplistic solution to most modern-day psychological issues from individuals guided by a much higher power. We have been formed to provide a non-traditional option for mental health struggles for those affected by traumatic events within their lives. Using men and women around the world who have accepted their role as teachers, healers, and spiritual guides, who offer counseling to help restore the balance of life and recover the joy and contentment within our lives. We refer individuals seeking assistance to those who can help to restore this balance. By accepting donations, we reduce the cost of individual counseling sessions for those who need it. Stop thinking “inside the box” as you were never designed to be in a box until the very end, now is the time to get outside that box and find that which will fulfill you, giving you hope and joy. Take a minute and schedule some time with our staff, and we’ll get you connected to an individual who has a much higher calling to provide a path for you to discover your true happiness and contentment.