Chaotic Navigation presents topic of Safety & Security for the Common American. Chaotic Navigation
Aged AK Goalie brings a message of retaining one's health The Goalie
Using the practices of antiquity to provide modern day hope.

Bringing distinct knowledge to help our listeners stay safe and secure.

Using the Super-Power of Common Sense.


Hello, and welcome to the home of the Alaska Outlaw Productions LLC audio/video production team. We here at Alaska Outlaw thrive on doing things better than our competitors. Primarily focused around our two (2) On-Air productions,

  • Chaotic Navigation is a podcast that focused on disaster survival and emergency preparedness. Formerly known as the Alaska Outlaw podcast, it produces a weekly, 30-minute podcast to discuss a particular topic to assist families in being prepared for natural and man-made disasters.
  • Alaska Úlfhé∂nar is the podcast that focuses on mental health and Norse spirituality. The weekly, 20 - 30 minute podcasts discuss different topics for the mental health of the family. It also works at assisting our veterans returning from overseas deployment by providing step-by-step ideas to help control the "rage within the system".

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Why have we chosen to call ourselves an OUTLAW?

Many have asked why we have chosen the word "outlaw" in our name, and it is to contrast us against the insanity that surrounds us here in the United States of America. The term Outlaw referred to individuals who were "outside the scope of societal control" in the world's history. Using this term to describe our necessity to be outside the normal and provide solutions for the Average American, especially amidst the tumultuous world we find ourselves in these days. 


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Chaotic Navigation podcasts drop every Wednesday at Noon

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Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar podcasts drop every Sunday at 9AM

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The Path Forward in America

Being an American means we know and understand the forming documents that made this country. It also means that we understand what are "rights" given to each of the American citizens by these documents. The Alaska Outlaw uses his understanding of these documents, combined with an intimate understanding of the spiritual world around all of us to guide others on the path of coexistence with their fellow man/woman. The premise of building a country of communities means that the strongest part is that of each community throughout the land.




Constitution of the United States - The Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the United States of America. The Constitution, originally comprising seven articles, delineates the national frame of government.

Declaration of Independence - The United States Declaration of Independence is the pronouncement adopted by the Second Continental Congress meeting in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on July 4, 1776.

United States Bill of Rights - The United States Bill of Rights comprises the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution. These grant individual citizens the rights of living in a free country.

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Welcome to The Alaskan Outlaw





We here at the Alaska Outlaw thoroughly believe that all people's are created equal. We fully understand the implication of this belief, however, we feel that by believing otherwise, we would curtail the success of this nation, and world-in-general. 


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Living the dream by staying safe, secure, and mentally healthy is the goal for each of us in these unprecedented times of change. Keeping our cools, letting the process perform what it was implemented to do, yet staying engaged to ensure that we are part of the solution, and not the problem should be the goal of every American. We are the Alaska Outlaw production team. For more information about advertising with us, please visit our advertisement pages for sponsorships and other great ideas to stretch your advertising budgets.

Alaskan Outlaw Productions

The Alaskan Outlaw podcast is broadcasted weekly from our studio in the land of the midnight sun. Returning home from a successful fishing trip on the Kenai River, the sunset over the Cook Inlet south of Anchorage, Alaska.
The Alaskan Outlaw podcast is broadcasted weekly from our studio in the land of the midnight sun. Returning home from a successful fishing trip on the Kenai River, the sunset over the Cook Inlet south of Anchorage, Alaska.

Welcome to the Alaska Outlaw Podcast
Teaching basic survival skills as well as personal safety

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