Struggling with mental challenges?

Suffering the effects of anxiety, depression, ADHD, or PTSD? Consider a non-traditional solution to finding a healthy balance.

The Alaska Outlaws is a non-traditional psychological counseling service that offers everyone real solutions at a fraction of those traditional costs. This non-traditional stance from antiquity meant that many, my ancestors included, were outlawed because of their beliefs. Not because they were engaging in anything so different, simply because they chose to not associate with the “up-and-coming” monotheistic practices. We were outlawed, and many were hunted down and executed, or forcefully assimilated into the general population of the time, with the constant threat of “conform or die”. Times have changed, and many have discovered, what some have known all along. By going back to these beliefs of antiquity, we find a simplistic, universal truth exists. This truth brings peace, kindness, harmony, and most importantly, love.

However, we were identified then, and many still consider us,


Understanding the environmental influences within our existence that affect our psychology is one of the many things that can help us to re-establish our balance between our selves that will allow us to find harmony and peace again in our lives. With a non-traditional approach, we offer the potential to start healing our mental health by building “living” mechanisms that can assist us in our growth and rebuilding of our internal peace, joy, and harmony with the world around us. By building methods of practicing mindfulness, balance can be established to enjoy a life filled with happiness, joy, contentment, and harmony with those we choose.

From a different perspective comes a different type of understanding of those influences that affect our mental health, creating struggles within our lives like that of PTSD and anxiety, depression and ADHD. These conditions do not have to control your life. Consider stepping outside the traditional offerings to embrace your inner power and achieve a lasting peace within your life.

Helping to understand the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or emotional bandwidth overwhelming that creates a darkness within the mind preventing us from discovering happiness and joy again within our lives. Learning to address and understand the emotional triggers that cause an imbalance and learning to control the emotional reactions that lead to relationship break-downs and discouraging energy. We understand PTSD because we have lived through it. We understand the emotional chaos it brings to the mind and have learned how to arrest the triggers to find joy and contentment again. 

Finding our spiritual balance brings the peace of mind we seek.

Encouraging us to find our spiritual balance of energies allows us to heal our mind. 

Stepping outside the traditional psychological therapy methods, we address the underlying imbalance within the spiritual existence to help our friends find peace. After decades of spiritual studies, we have discovered the path to embracing a spiritual understanding that leads to a peace of mind that promotes a life of reducing stress and increasing the contentment within our existence within the society in which we live. Crossing the boundary between psychology and spirituality allows us to offer a better, long-term solution without the use of chemistry.

Building our intimate relationships by establishing a foundation of trust and harmonious understanding of the energy transferred between the individuals allows us to counsel partners as to a better understanding of the committed path to a healthy relationship. Working with many men and women to better understand the commitment of a long-term relationship allows for the further reduction of stress and anxiety associated with intimate relationships. Embracing the universal energy of love, harnessing the energy of hope, we encourage the intrinsic growth of our comfort and trust.

Stop thinking “inside the box”

 You were never designed to be in a box until the very end of our physical lives. Now is a time to get outside that box and find that which will fulfill you, giving you hope and joy. Take a minute, and schedule some time with me, and I’ll get you connected to the wisdom, and intellect necessary to connect you to a higher calling to reveal your path to true happiness and contentment.

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