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What is the Alaskan Outlaw? Who are we?

The Alaskan Outlaw Productions is the brainchild of our founder, Dr. Mark Weisman. Originally formed as a videography project filming local adult pickup hockey games here in Anchorage, Alaska, we created the Aged Alaskan Goalie. As time went on the video productions became more elaborate and complex leading us to the filming of many youth sports activities for groups throughout town. Our founder had a need to teach people about health and safety wherever he went, so the next project was born. He wrote, directed, hosted, edited, produced, and published his own online podcast. The weekly show spoke about preparing for disasters, getting and staying safe, and many other relevant topics for today’s citizens in these uncertain times. On March 26th, 2008 at 8:54 pm (Alaska Time), the Alaskan Outlaw website was stood up and began the process of broadcasting our message. Over the last five years, he continued to expand as and developed a talent for, crime scene photography. It was this talent that was further explored in his photography. Most of the images located throughout this site were taken by Dr. Weisman. As a former EMT, a US Marine, and a 20+ year veteran of the security industry, Dr. Weisman brings a wealth of knowledge to the topics he writes and talks about.

Dr. Weisman writes all his shows, researches the topics, then brings them to life with the weekly, broadly distributed podcast. With simplicity and comfort, he interlaces his psychology studies, mixed with a dash of ministry, to provide his listeners and readers the confidence to keep them safe and healthy. He helps his listeners to create safety plans, and disaster cheat sheets, to help encourage their confidence in themselves to better assist their families and communities.

The idea behind the multimedia platform of Alaskan Outlaw was to present a central location where common people could learn about being prepared to survive. We wanted a place where people without a military or law enforcement background could come and learn with an environment of equality, and without judgment. Regardless of whether the catastrophe is natural, or man-made, we want all Americans to be self-sufficient in both: keeping themselves and family safe and healthy, as well as assist their communities in getting the help it needs.

  1. Alaska Outlaw Podcast - provides weekly health & safety information to its listeners. As well as providing some security knowledge.
  2. Aged AK Goalie - provides periodic information about weight loss, athletics, and other healthy lifestyle choices. Aged AK Goalie also produces a YouTube video series for motivation for older Americans in playing ice-hockey.
  3. Alaskan Outlaw Productions - is a multimedia development group that constructs videos and audio presentations for web deployments. Providing image development as well.

Our Host

Picture of man standing looking at the camera.
The author, at the beginning of the larger weight loss.

Who am I? My name is Dr. Mark-Nathaniel Weisman, and I am a third-generation, American-born, and raised Irish-German-Norseman. I was raised in many different parts of the country, beginning in the northeast, migrating to the south, through the southwest, to the Northwest, (with a stopover in Hawai’i for a tour of duty), finally arriving here in my “home” State of Alaska, here in Southcentral. I grew up a fairly normal kid, as the older brother, beneath a highly physical, alcoholic father whom I endured, up until the time I dropped out of high school, to join the military, following a short stint in the Pima Country Corrections facility. My mother, a licensed nurse, attempted to provide the best she could for my brother and me.

I began my working life as a baker, fast-food restaurant crew member, then after quitting high school, I became a United States Marine in southern California "Hollywood Marine". After serving most of my first hitch in Kaneohe Bay, Hawai'i, I was generally discharged due to behavior issues, literally arriving home (at the time) in Tucson, Arizona, forty days prior to my father passing away. He passed away due to complications of being a Type 2 diabetic and lung issues due to smoking two packs a day of unfiltered cigarettes, as well as repeated exposure to agent orange exfoliation control, during his 30+ year career as a land surveyor.

Upon my return to civilian life, I primarily worked as a security consultant and EMT for the South Tucson Fire Department. I struggled for about three years, before leaving Arizona, to join the rest of my family in Oak Harbor, Washington. It was soon after arriving in Oak Harbor, that I met the most wonderful person in the whole world. Beautiful, very intelligent, and sympathetic, she was able to keep me sane. An interesting note, that my wife is also a diabetic, however, she, unlike my father, she is a Type 1 diabetic. This distinction will be much more dramatic throughout the decades, and her self care was much more apparent, particularly in later years.

The following April, I was introduced to the first of my five children. A beautiful baby girl, who has now grown to become an intelligent, mother of my first grandchild. It was soon after my little girl changed my life forever, that I found an additional career, computer technology. Starting with an 80286 computer, I began the construction, and management of a bulletin board system, using (then cutting-edge technology) 9600 baud modems running in parallel (allowing for more visitors) over multi-hunt phone lines. While computing technology would become a career, it would take several years to actually land a position that required me to know the technology. As my technology knowledge increased I worked in many different aspects of the security industry. I was one of the first people to use computer technology to support asset control and security systems.

Picture of couple sitting, man making goofy faces.
The author and his beautiful wife (circa 1990 - 1991) expecting their first child in Western Washington.

In 1995, my wife and I were blessed with the arrival of our twin sons, following a nerve-wracking, high-risk, pregnancy. My sons were born here in Anchorage, and have since grown up with lives of their own, now with children of their own. As my children grew to adulthood, I continued my career development in many different areas of computer technology, becoming more, and more, diverse, with each new position accepted. In 2001, I became an ordained Chaplain with the Universal Life Church in Modesto, California, and began to work as a Chaplain for a multitude of issues.

Much later, my wife and I decided to offer our home, and hearts, to foster children within the State of Alaska system. After providing a home, and care, for several children, we found ourselves adopting two young men, who now, seek to follow in the footprints left by our older children while blazing paths of their own.

In the mid-1990s, I decided to add education to the list of accomplishments and enrolled in a local technical college. It was here I was "bitten" by the bug to teach. During the completion of several undergraduate degrees, I also provided instruction for several different digital electronics and computer programming courses at the same college. Following my graduation from that school, I enrolled in Wayland Baptist University where I studied occupational education finally graduating in 2002 with my Bachelor's degree in Occupational Education. It was during my time at Wayland that I discovered the complexity of religion and psychology, and followed my Doctor's path. Combining my psychological studies from my days in the military I was able to secure my Doctor of Ministry from the Universal Life Church in Modesto California.

Throughout my life, I have "battled the bulge" and fought with my weight. Having to reduce my weight by almost 60 pounds to enlist in the USMC at age 17, and later found myself on track to be medically discharged from the Corps because of height/weight standards. After leaving the Corps due to disciplinary issues, I quickly gained substantial weight, arriving at just short of 400 pounds (396 approximately). Starting in the winter of 2011, I was able to reduce my weight by 70 pounds and, and then, in the winter of 2015, I was able to get "into a groove" and lose 117 pounds, arriving at the same weight I was as an eighth-grader (about 201 pounds). I have since put some back on as I relaxed on exercise and dieting, so the battle continues. During these journeys, I took up adult ice hockey, and have created a page to help others enjoy the sport of ice hockey, and goaltending specifically. Feel free to browse around and enjoy, let me know if there is anything you would like to see me write about.

This is my site. This is where I am. Welcome. Within these pages, you will find, my knowledge, and my opinion, about a plethora of topics. Please feel free to browse through the pages, and ask any questions you may have.

Our Host Professionally

Mark Weisman is formerly a Security Systems Administrator, security investigator, and certified ethical hacker (C.E.H.) who is enrolled in a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice with a specialization in counter-terrorism from Southern New Hampshire University. With a career of over thirty years of combined IT and Security practices, he has worked on a vast demographic of technological implementations, both virtual, and physical.

Why the "Outlaw"

Why have I chosen to refer to myself as the Alaskan Outlaw? It is not in association with any other group, other than the 2c definition of the word Outlaw, which states that I am "unconventional, or rebellious". I find the status quo of modern society means to never question things or others. I have found that many times, life falls outside the box of normalcy and needs someone who can reach out into that abyss to bring back answers. This is why I have chosen to think like an outlaw.

Definition of outlaw

1a person excluded from the benefit or protection of the law

2aa lawless person or a fugitive from the law
ba person or organization under a ban or restriction
cone that is unconventional or rebellious

3an animal (such as a horse) that is wild and unmanageable

Sometimes it's good to be outside the box...

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