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2021 hasn't changed a whole lot yet!!

After arriving here in 2021, I guess many of you hoped that we would see a marked improvement in the situation throughout the United States, and that has yet to happen. Honestly, you have to give it a little time, I don't expect to see any visible changes until late spring/ early summer, as my fellow countrymen began to migrate outside. Stay tuned, a new feature is about the Alaska Outlaw, and we are excited!! Remember to stay safe, keep your head on a swivel, and remain true to who you are... Peace.
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Let’s talk about survival, from the beginning.

Each and every minute of every day, we are bombarded with messages of "learn to return". But, many times we have to ask ourselves what is necessary? How “prepared” do we need to be? After all, __% of Americans live in urban cities with a population of greater than 100,000 residents. Yet, in many scenarios throughout the social media circus we read stories about society imploding to unrest, or the zombie apocalypse caused by improperly cared for vaccines. So, from the reality end of the spectrum, what do we need to be prepared for? Of everything I just listed, none of that. Strategies and skills necessary to survive outside our urban sprawl without our double mocha Americana with sprinkles is really what we’re looking at here.

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Outlaw Thoughts. Why do we blame Public Safety?

Towards the middle of last year I published a podcast about the ramifications of defunding the police departments, and I generally outlined the evolution of “law enforcement” from the earlier night watchman, to the professional police officer we have today. Just as importantly, we talked about the community placing more and more legal burdens on these law officers, effectively shuffling the responsibility of policing the communities ourselves, and yet, while constantly tolerating criminal behavior. Every day I hear discussions about “how bad” officers are, and I remind those speakers, that we (as a community) made them that way.

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Doomsday Prepping 101.

To fully begin to becoming prepared to survive, the first magical step is to set your mind to succeeding. Survival at its most fundamental level is a mental exercise, a construct of the necessary willpower to succeed against all odds. In addition, being prepared also includes having the necessary equipment or supplies prior to needing them, for as long as the uncertainty remains. Throughout today’s show, we’ll thoroughly discuss both of the major two ingredients

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Speaking of apocalypse, welcome to 2021.

In this episode, I am joined by the Outlaw Pirate Crew to discuss the multiple conspiracy or threat theories floating around the internet. We discuss the possible solutions for how we common Americans can be prepared for any of the identified threats that come to fruition.

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