Your time is now.

Put down your battle axe. Strip off the armor of battle. Toss your mental chaos into the sacrificial fire. PTSD and Anxiety do not have to run your life. It’s your turn to finally live in peace.

There are many ways to heal psychological trauma, and there are endless ways to embrace our natural spiritual balance with and without the need of recognized religions. Start your mental wellness and spiritual healing journey today, free from the pressure of judgement, dogma, or shame. Mark Weisman, the Alaskan Úlfhé∂nar, is an Ancestral Norse Shaman and experienced guide dedicated to helping you achieve physical, mental, and spiritual harmony so you can put the pain of past behind you and live a more fulfilling, peaceful life.

Wake up every day feeling hopeful and fully alive. Rediscover what happiness looks like for you. Strengthen your relationships, and get to know yourself again. Embrace radical self-forgiveness and feel good in your body, too.

Then, make these changes last forever. 

“I’m determined to unhook from the chaos of the past, feel better, and live every day feeling truly alive.”

This movement is a long time coming. It all starts with…

Meeting your future. 

The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar is pioneering a better way to find your balance again and live a peaceful, meaningful life.

Counseling Options


Whether we have experienced a traumatic event, or if a series of mentally challenging events are piling up on our minds, having a voice to talk to and help us make sense of the world grows our intrinsic hope for a brighter future. By joining together with the Shaman in an individual counseling session, you can receive the energy necessary, and the plan to implement change into our everyday lives.

$85 /hr

Couples & Group

Whether the group be a couple, or (up to) six, the necessity to join together cannot be overstated. By attracting more spiritual energy to a solution, the more quickly the solution can be implemented in our lives. By bringing together individuals interested in discovering a solution, we can generate positive energy toward the restoration of vibrancy and personal energy.

$65 / person / hr

Military & 1st Responders

After struggling personally re-joining the civilian world after military service, the Shaman learned how to acquire the balance between the spiritual self and the physical one. This is the lock-step process of getting control of our feelings, to deal with them and move on to happier, more enjoyable lives.

$55 / person/ hr

Further reduced costs can go as low as $20 / person / hr through the use of generous donations from the community.

Most of our Military & First Responder sessions are covered by generous donations from our wonderful community.**

** Proof of association to a recognized military or first responder group required.

Other Services Offered

Ritualistic Practices

Utilizing the universal energies that the Shaman has, added to the experience of a seasoned Celtic-Norse Shaman, the Shaman offers many different services for practitioners around the globe, both: in-person and through the use of technology. Weddings, birth blessings, seasonal ceremonies, and death rituals are some of the many rituals the Shaman has been involved in.

$110 /hr

Reiki Healing

Trained in the art of Reiki, the Shaman has a modified version of the Western Reiki to include the power of his gods, those of Norse legends through the use of the Elder Futhark Runes for the opening of the body’s Chakra to allow the healing process to begin.

$99 /hr


In the traditions of the Old Norse, there was a particular area in which they knew that they were safe. The area was a type of alter, or sanctuary. The Alaska Úlfhé∂nar recognizes this area, called Hörgr, was identified in most of the Eddas as that place where we are safe to connect our spiritual selves with the gods and spiritual realm. Many societies throughout the ancient world accepted and understood the balance between the spiritual realm of the gods and that of the physical one of man. They maintained their balances between the two in a special place within each village. Whether we gather in the chieftain’s great hall, or a temple dedicated to the gods, there has always existed the idea of the sanctuary.

Why a Shaman?

Many have asked us why one should seek a Shaman when having mental health issues? The answer is actually quite simple. The “Human Condition” requires that our entire “self” remain in balance throughout our lifetime. When either the physical or the spiritual side of our entity should experience a drop or rise in energy over the other, we find that we experience a mental confusion which may release the incorrect hormones into the blood stream, thereby convincing our mind that we feel a certain way, this is how the human body is designed to work. These feelings and more importantly, the control of these feelings fall squarely on the balance of our unique selves.

With the contradictions happening everyday around us created by the millennia of teachings from the modern-day church, we can find ourselves seemingly eroding our intellect with every possible invalidation of certain pillars of already acquired knowledge. The conflict within our minds occurs when we experience something that starkly contradicts the utopia that the modern-church teachings infer.

This is why we should seek someone who has a lifetime of experience outside of these teachings to help us understand a better way forward. Someone who can help us repair the balance between the physical and spiritual selves. The Shaman.

How can we work Together?

Modern-Day psychological therapy falls short on the spiritual connection established between the helped and the helper, overlooking the most powerful aspect of success, ancestral guidance. This is where establishing the balance between the spiritual and physical self can re-establish our physical and mental health. While the Shaman lives in the modern-day world, he is fully connected with the ancestors and therefore brings a potential of helping us to reconnect with ourselves to heal our minds and bodies.

Using the practices of the ancient Celtic-Norse heritage, we can identify and interpret the influences that are causing distress in individuals and help to develop concrete steps to move forward with life. By stripping away the bravado and avoidance we can address the guilt/shame cycle created by the mind in an attempt to reconcile certain acts against that of the enforced monotheistic practices underlying modern society, creating space within the mind where the focus can be obtained to overcome an overwhelming issue of traumatic stress disorders and traumatic psychological damage. Remember, the mind is not “broken”, it is simply temporarily flooded with incorrect chemistry which causes confusion and misunderstanding.

You are not Broken! You have lost your balance.

Throughout this site, we talk a lot about spirituality, and how it applies to our psychology, as it has everything to do with it. We’ve identified that while monotheistic theology has been beneficial to human society, the enforcement of its practice has sometimes been detrimental from the onset, and remains psychologically problematic today to many among us. As we begin to apply the lessons of spirituality from antiquity to our modern psychology, it becomes apparent that the enforcement of the new monotheistic practices brought with it an inherent application of guilt by shame that would ultimately be irreconcilable within our minds as society has yet to accomplish the utopia that the lessons identified. I need to reiterate, that it is not the theology that creates this negative impact, but the forced adaptation that has caused so much irreparable psychological damage, and division of the people throughout its existence. The generational enforcement of the use of guilt by the shame of these practices has created a substantial elevation of modern baseline anxiety, that has caused such an impact of large psychological trauma to the modern-day world.

Many people have come to us when traditional psychology has failed them, feeling the inability to control the sometimes, overwhelming feelings of depression, anger, or mental fatigue. Our approach is to teach methods of simplicity, and by using our built-in powers of honor and integrity we can arrest the undesired mental processes, that then allow the contentment and happiness of our lives to resurface, to be enjoyed.

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