Introducing the Wise Warriors, Alaskan men and women using simple tools and Norse spiritual guidance to rebuild their sense of peace and purpose, refusing to waste another day feeling overwhelmed by depression, anger, and brain-fog. They’re enjoying more social time with friends and loved ones and managing their triggers in a healthy way.

The Wise Warrior mentality.

  1. But maybe you’ve been waiting until it gets really bad to reach out for help because that’s what society tells us you to do.
  2. Or maybe you’ve tried other healing modalities, like traditional therapy, but it just didn’t help as much as you’d hoped.
  3. Perhaps you’ve been doing your own research about Norse mythology, but your having trouble accessing the transformative spiritual connection you’re seeking.
  4. Or maybe you’re just trying to figure out how to control your own responses when you’re triggered and start sleeping better at night.

Whether you’re just starting to explore alternative spirituality, or you’re well steeped in Celtic-Norse theology, the path of the Wise Warrior is the better way to process painful memories, heal trauma, and finally move forward so you can live life with authentic joy.

Wise Warriors of Alaska

Individual Counseling

Individual Counseling

Our Shaman has spent the last decade assisting our brave men and women returning to civilian lives after serving in combat zones to reclaim their lives and give them hope and joy. Typically working with individuals to identify the obstacles to releasing a large amount of stress, bundled into the brain memories, to build coping mechanisms, that will become behavior, which will ultimately become part of the individual’s personality. Knowing that these memories have already fundamentally changed the individual at their core, working to build an understanding and will to move past them is critical. These sessions can be done over the internet, by phone, or in person.

Active Duty Military – Combat Veteran – Retiree/Veteran – First Responders – Support Circles – Individuals

Life Pressures – Grieve – Stress – Anxiety – Depression

Couples Counseling

After spending a lifetime studying relationships between peoples throughout the world, the Shaman has many different solutions to help couples “mend their fences” and move forward building happy, healthy relationships that are equally successful. Fully understanding of a cultural heritage that provided a role model of equality between individuals the Shaman has developed methods to help couples to see things from the other’s perspective. The Shaman meets with couples either in-person, or via remote communication. He understands that sometimes to complete the work at a couple’s level, one must address each individual within the relationship.

Pre-Marriage – Co-Existence – Same-Sex – Family Planning – Conflict Resolution – Trust Establishment – Social Pressures

Couples Counseling

Group Counseling

Group Counseling

Working with hundreds of individuals throughout the world, at every socio-economic demographic that has been called out, solutions can be found that can help men and women go on and live happy, successful lives following a substantial psychologically traumatic injury. With a strong background in spirituality, our Shaman offers simple steps that can help bridge the psychological trauma experienced, to the joy and peace on the other side. Typically working over the internet or by phone, and sometimes in-person, our Shaman offers treatment options for both: the individual, as well as their support team, to ensure a higher level of success.

Depression – Stress – Anxiety – Self-Esteem – Anger – Relationships – Grief – Mental Health

Certified Western-trained Usui Reiki Master

Using the methods outlined within the practice of Western Usui Reiki, our Shaman harnesses the energies of the Universe to work within the body’s Chakras, thereby allowing for the healing powers of the universe to flood the body and repair damage. These practices have a substantial amount of science behind them now and allow both physical ailments, as well as mental challenges to be addressed either: in-person, or remotely. The power of Reiki healing cannot be overstated.

Mental – Physical – Spiritual

Reiki Healing

Celtic-Norse Shaman

Celtic-Norse Shaman

Following a lifetime of research and learning theology and spirituality throughout hundreds of different cultures since before the recording of history, Our Shaman has arrived at his personal spirituality and beliefs. As mentioned elsewhere he was formerly an ordained chaplain of the monotheistic studies, however, after discovering the spiritual realm of his Celtic-Norse ancestors he submerged himself in the associative studies between the understanding of spirituality, and its effect on human psychology. He has worked with thousands of individuals as a “spiritual advisor” where he addressed methods and mechanisms to have happy, mentally healthy lives.

Unlike many in the profession of psychological counseling our Shaman does not maintain an office setting, preferring to connect our friends with the power of Jörð (Mother Earth). His desire is to get a solution in place that will help you enjoy your life as quickly as possible. By helping you balance your spiritual and physical selves, he fosters your own self to create the solutions you need to become successful. He is a friend, brother, many have even referred to him as the quintessential “grandfather” figure. He defines his role as helping you find the answers you need within yourself for you get back to a happier, more fulfilling life. In addition to the traditional roles completed by our Shaman for a community, our Shaman also specializes and can work with our friends in:

Teaching – Rituals – Collaboration