More Opportunities for Understanding

Teaching the simplicity of the Dane-Norse spiritual beliefs, combined with a healthy understanding of his Celtic heritage.


Using generations of wisdom gathered from his ancestors, and other spiritual forms, the Shaman offers non-traditional counseling that helps to restore the balance within the mind bringing spiritual in balance with physical life.

Author and Speaker

With one published book (May 2023) and one ready for publishing (early 2025), the Shaman has a wealth of knowledge about balancing those energies of life to obtain balance within the mind. 

Podcast Host

Each week the Shaman publishes an episode of “Whispers of the Norse” which provides some intellect about an aspect of obtaining our spiritual balance, regardless of religious affiliations. In addition, other appearances.

The Outlaws represents a rebirth in the understandings of the many spiritual beliefs and journeys taken by millions of individuals throughout human existence that were pilfered from and outlawed by the modern monotheistic practices. One such group, The Úlfhé∂nar of Norse legends and beliefs, were outlawed in the 1200s by the Christian laws of Iceland. But there have been thousands of other teachings throughout the millennia by others who understood our spiritual journey, this space is for their voices as retold through modern teachers. While we don’t condemn the laws of modern-day society, as we recognize their place, we represent and follow the laws of a much higher power and authority. We understand that obtaining an understanding our unique spirituality does not make us religious, it does however, liberate us from the guilt-based programming that has led to shame and depression/anxiety throughout the millennia.

The Alaska Outlaws is a group of non-traditional practicing monks, priests, druids, medicine men, shamans, and others who understand the ebb and flow of the universal energies and their effects on modern-day mental health and general psychology. Working with many people, in many different walks of life, these men and women offer us the opportunity to grow through the struggles one is experiencing in this present to discover the rest of our existence filled with harmony, joy and peace.

A Celtic-Norse Shaman

Using Spiritual intellect to advance our lives forward.

My name is Mark Weisman, and I am a Celtic-Norse Shaman here in southcentral Alaska. A proud 3rd generation American Dane and Shaman to the Celtic-Norse people. As a certified counseling practitioner and spiritual counselor, I offer a non-traditional psychological counseling opportunity to reclaim one’s embrace of happiness and joy. I have worked with hundreds throughout the world, along the way I have developed many potential solutions that can help alleviate the anxiety or depression associated with the hurry-up, deadline driven, modern-day world we live in to obtain a harmony within the mind and peace in the soul.

A Natural Path Forward in our Lives

Our teachers offer many different cultural customs and traditions of antiquity to bring forward an understanding of the effects that these energies can have on our mental health regardless of if we subscribe to a religious doctrine or not. Our program offers a simplistic solution to most modern-day psychological issues from individuals guided by a much higher power. We have been formed to provide a non-traditional option for mental health struggles for those affected by traumatic events within their lives. Using men and women around the world who have accepted their role as teachers, healers, and spiritual guides, who offer counseling to help restore the balance of life and recover the joy and contentment within our lives. We refer individuals seeking assistance to those who can help to restore this balance.

By accepting donations and grants, we reduce the cost of individual counseling sessions for those who need it. Stop thinking “inside the box” as you were never designed to be in a box until the very end, now is the time to get outside that box and find that which will fulfill you, giving you hope and joy. Take a minute and schedule some time with our staff, and we’ll get you connected to an individual who has a much higher calling to provide a path for you to discover your true happiness and contentment.

We hope to guide many to identify and associate with a cultural understanding of their own unique spiritual understanding that provides comfort in their hearts and makes sense to their mind. Avoiding the application of any one spiritual understanding being more correct than any other, we offer a true spiritual freedom that assists in the mental health and wellbeing of the individuals. 

A Spiritual Guide

Finding Balance with the energy of existence.

As a spiritual counselor and psychological empath, I have studied the emotional carnage left behind during the, over 2000 years of religious conquest, by finding my spiritual home within the ancestry of northern Denmark. Just as importantly, I’ve discovered the key to managing our emotional energies is by embracing this ancestry. Not just mine, but all our connections to the ancestors through our mind. Not just a spiritual way of looking at something, but a deep understanding of the spiritual energies that move throughout our existence that interact with our everyday psychology.

Embracing Love, Harmony, Peace, and Tranquility

Throughout the history of human societies many had unique understandings of their spiritual connection to the existence around them. Each of these understandings resonated with our ancestors and complied with the criteria above. However, as the monotheisms moved throughout the world, they would destroy these other rich cultural understandings, many times by lethal force. When lethal force didn’t work, the legal system was deployed in the continued effort to eradicate these other beliefs, thereby making outlaws of anyone who understood a different spiritual understanding.

The Alaskan Outlaws is a collection of individuals who embrace the understanding that, within our own unique interpretation of our spirituality lies the path to a better mental health. Whether it be the reduction of everyday stresses, relationship advice, or instructions as to how to deal with overwhelming psychological trauma, the collection of spiritual teachers within the Alaska Outlaws Society offers insight as to how to better leverage our own connection to our spirituality. 

The Outlaws is led by a Celtic-Norse Shaman who, not only meets with hundreds of individuals throughout the state, and the world, to assist them in remembering their spiritual connections to offer themselves peace and hopefully returning to the place of contentment, but also provides online teachings about topics to help us discover and utilize our unique interpretation of our spiritual bonds to discover a better mental health. 

The Alaskan Outlaws is an Alaskan based domestic limited liability corporation with the mission of helping people find the spiritual balance, thereby helping them to experience a better mental health. Structured to assist, primarily, the men and women returning from a tour of duty with the military, particularly those who have served in combat roles. Led by our 53rd generation Norse Úlfhé∂nar and Shaman, he offers insight into millennia of societal programming that has long-term ramifications to the general population.

A no-nonsense solution based on an “alpha” mentality of the modern warrior; our Shaman has overcome a lifetime of adversity to arrive as his enlightened self. Using solutions from his ancestry, we offer a multitude of ideas and advice that can help get us back on the right path to recovery. If you are looking for some guidance without judgement or prejudice, please visit the Shaman’s webpage to schedule some time with him

Non-Traditional Counselor

Looking past the answers offered by mainstream therapy.

As a registered Shaman, Doctor, and Druid, I have discovered my spiritual core and applied it to every portion of my human existence. By doing so, I have discovered ways to convert this ancient wisdom and understanding, to practical, everyday steps you can use to create your own space of peace and joy within your mind. I teach methods of understanding the energy you receive and how to manage it for a happier life.

Living through Trauma

Learning mechanisms to help embrace happiness.

With a bachelor’s degree in occupational education, I assist in building “living” mechanisms for individuals to begin a personal journey back to where they were content, back within their minds to the place before a traumatic event occurred. This process of building these mechanisms, allows individuals the opportunity to grow through their traumatic event with knowledge and understanding as to why everything happened the way it did.

Venture off the traditional path to discover your inner peace and power to live happy.